Indianapolis Meetup Weekend of 2/1?

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Hello Indy folks! I wanted to gauge if there would be any interest in getting together an informal meet up over beers the weekend of February 1? I'll be coming into town from San Diego for the weekend to view properties, neighborhoods, and meet with local service providers. Would be great to connect with some other BP members in person. I was thinking early evening either Friday 2/1 or Saturday 2/2.

If a few people here are willing to commit to meet up I'll post the event in the events section and see if we can get a larger group together.  

Let me know!  Looking forward to the trip!

I wasn’t thinking something relatively central.   WHat do folks think about SoBro, Broad Ripple, or Butler/Tark neighborhoods?  I’ve read there’s a good amount of fun up and coming eateries, breweries etc.  

Upland Brewery has a great tasting room in SoBro. They recently expanded as well! They focus on sour beers if you're a fan. 

Hi @Andrew Richmond !

I'm definitely interested! Definitely keep me posted on details please :)

I operate a property management company in Indianapolis called Intrigue Indy. I am also a licensed real estate broker with Nottingham Realty Group and I have had a lot of success helping investors (both local and out-of-state) buy investment properties, repair them, and either lease them to quality tenants (BRRRR) or sell them as a flip (BRSR). Let me know how I can help! I'd love to connect for coffee if you're ever in town!

Ok all, event is now posted!  Would be great if those interested can RSVP so we can create some momentum around this thing!  Look forward to seeing everyone next month.