Property manager in Indianapolis?

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I've been quite impressed so far with T&H Realty. They took over one of my properties, and what I'm impressed with so far:

* Great communication

* Strong processes

* I have access to an inquiry and showing report for my property so that I know how many people emailed/called in, how many people have seen the property and their feedback

They're not the cheapest, but I learned long ago that you don't want to go cheap for property management.

It's only been a couple of months, so time will tell, but so far I'm more impressed than the other 4 local property managers I've used or interviewed.

Hi Jason, I have been an out of state investors in Indianapolis for several years.  I have had experiences with a few property managers.  If you would like, I could share my experiences with you on each of them.

@Stephen Krzyzak do you mind sharing that info here too so some of us following this thread can benefit from the info as well? I am keenly interested in Indianapolis market as well and will be needing a reputable PM for my properties there. Thanks

@Olu Efunwoye, I typically do not like posting about particular companies on a public forum.  However, I see how my experiences could be useful so others do not duplicate the same mistakes I made.  I will respond to any private message I receive with the names of the property managers I have used and my assessment of each.

Hi Account Closed, a market like Indianapolis you will want to be more specific.  

What type of asset do you need managed? SFR/MF

What area of Indy is it?  As you're aware, there are great and not so great areas.

Is it currently leased?  Some landlords refuse to manage someone else's lease agreement.  Liability.

Account Closed mentioned you will need to be more specific as to whether it will be a SFR or multi-family property. Management companies may various depending on residential/commercial. Please PM me if you would like some recommendations.