Looking to invest in Indiana

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Roman, and I am new to real estate investing. Did my research and decided to invest in Indianapolis.

My plan is to start out by purchasing SFHs, in a C class (and above) areas with a budget of 60K$ (All in)

and continue with that tactic after completing the first deal.

Does anyone can provide some tips for me?

Any special or unusual RE rules that I should be aware of, for Indianapolis?

What are the best neighborhoods to invest in for buy&hold or flip?

What are the worst areas that I should stay away from?

I would love to connect with agents and wholesalers that work with investors.

Thanks for the help


Hey @Roman Ladijensky I'd be happy to connect you with a few folks within my network! Indianapolis can be a great market to find solid cash flowing opportunities, but one must be careful. There are areas in Indianapolis that can drastically change block by block. It is essential that you have a team in place with eyes & ears on the ground to ensure an effective course of action. Please feel free to PM me and we can connect further. 


@Roman Ladijensky I'm glad to see Indianapolis as your choice of market. Indy can be a very good cash flow market if you buy in the right area. My first piece of advice is not to buy at the low end. C class is fine when managed properly but everyone has their own definition of a class. Pay particular attention to the median prices and rents for the areas. I have to say that $60K would be on the very low end of the spectrum and I would probably consider anything in that price range to be a D class today. I would recommend starting at a low of $70K with rents of $750-$800 or more on a 3Br. As @Zach Hoereth has already mentioned, Indy can vary block to block and even street to street so it's a little difficult a particular neighborhood that is good. Warren and Lawrence townships on the east side have some good C class neighborhoods but you have to be careful. Wayne township on the west side can also be good for that class. We've been active in Indy for nearly 10 years so I know the areas well. I'd be happy to share my insights with you and help if I can. Feel free to DM me if you want.

@Roman Ladijensky I'm also new to REI and looking for my first property. I am considering Indianapolis, but I feel like it's hard to decide between all the midwest states/cities. If you don't mind me asking, what major factors lead to your decision to invest in Indianapolis specifically? Best of luck in your search

@Mark De sagun the table below migh make that choice easier for you. Click on it to enlarge it. Indianapolis has positive job growth and population growth whereas most of the other Midwest markets have either stagnant or declining populations and jobs. Additionally, Indy has a modern, diverse economy. 

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