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Yes!!! I moved here in January and joined. It was a great decision - it's such a good value for what you get. They have several classes/meetings per week which are free for members. It's a lot of great information for all levels. What I had not anticipated was how valuable the networking time is. I've met several vendors I've started working with and a wholesaler a bought a property from. The leadership is passionate and committed to helping members.

Thank you Debbie, 

That's a valuable feedback. Any idea how active these classes/meetings during winter time? I am in dilemma if I should try monthly membership as oppose to yearly if not much happening during winter and early spring.

Also, it looks like there is multi-member discount. Wondering if anyone else is interested in joining.

CIREIA used to be pretty expensive and felt that it was more revenue oriented than about education and networking. They've changed their pricing and platform over the last year and seem to be providing much more value. I'm thinking of joining again myself. You can also check INREIA as most of their events and meetups are free and there are a handful of Indianapolis Real Estate groups on Facebook that you can use to network.

Rizwan - 

I  moved here in January, and the meeting schedule has not changed. There is a large monthly general meeting with a particular topic and also monthly subgroup meetings on various topics (landlording, notes, short term rentals, mortage/title, wholesaling, flipping, multi-family investing). They also run a weekly radio show.

CIREIA just purchased its own building so that they don't have to rent even space from others, and I know they are working on doing more classes because they have the flexibility to do so.

I believe what Ross was saying about it being very different in the past is accurate. I've heard that too. But I also heard that after the board of directors changed and they hired the new executive director (who I met and is really great) that everything changed.


I joined CIREIA this weekend primarily for the networking capabilities and it has proven valuable. 

As a local investor and wholesaler in the Indy market it has helped me expand my vendor network and buyer's list. 

I attended a seminar this weekend at their facility where the presenter was Robyn Thompson and that seminar was invaluable based solely on 2 of the countless things I learned this weekend. I recommend it if you're just stating out in the Indy market and want to build your network.

To Ross's point,  INREIA has monthly meetings that are free to attend and a lot of the CIREIA members attend those meetings as well, so it is also fantastic for networking.

I have closed 2 wholesale deals this month with people I met at CIREIA and INREIA.

All the best!

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