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I recently moved to Indy and want to research where the city is at and where it is going. The former is rather easy -- I've been driving around town. 

How do you research what the city is planning in regards to where the city is putting their money for development?

I found this, but I am not sure how to interpret many of the terms they use:

Do you factor in the city's development plans into the location you're investing in? If so, where do you find that info?

@Brandon Payne courtesy of Cameron Harris, here is some great high-level info.

2018 State of Downtown Indy:

Redevelopment of PanAm Plaza:

Old Airport Site Redevelopment:

The Lawn @ White River:

Twin Aire Development Plan:

Indy Go Red Line Rapid Transit:

I have a bunch of notes on economics and affordability, community development, and business growth as well if you're interested.

Actually I am also moving there as well (on Sunday!)



@Amil D. Welcome to the city and thank you for sharing those links! I was unaware of the concert venue plans for White River State Park. That's pretty exciting! 

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@Amil D. I invest in C-B class properties. I checked out your website. Looks nice man! Once you get established here I bet you reconsider those buying numbers. For a good B class property, minimal repairs, you're really low. At that price I would expect $15-20K in repairs. I'm saying that from my limited experience but that's what I find. Installing a new roof is $6K... minimum. 

@Jaron Walling really? Hmmm....Thanks for letting me know!

Right now I'm at the point where I don't really know the market very well so I want to pick some B areas and C areas and learn their price point, tenant profile, etc....

Are there any good investor neighborhoods that you would recommend I start with? Maybe 1-2 B class areas and 1-2 C class areas?

Absolutely man. I'm always willing to give advice. Some good neighborhoods I'm looking at are Garfield Park, Bates-Hendricks, University Heights, Windsor Park, Little Flower, String Town, and Speedway. Most of these are attractive because of price and location (B/C Class). I won't look at anything that rents for <$700 per month.