New market exploration into Indy

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Hi All - 

I'm looking to expand my SFR portfolio, and am considering Indianapolis (and surrounding areas).

My goal is cash-flow, strategy is BRRRR. I am an out of state investor, located in NY.
Interested in mostly C and B class properties, but I have no local knowledge. I need to start building some contacts. 

Can anybody make some recommendations for RE agents, PM firms, and other trustworthy resources ?

I will be traveling out to Indy in the next few weeks and hope to set up some local meetings, and hit the streets to check out the neighborhoods and such. 

Thank you!

@Adam Larkin I am a local investor, consultant, and work as the business developer for a local property management company. We work with a lot of OOS investors and help them build teams. The PM company just does property management (not acquisitions, large scale rehabs, etc.) so it's important to us to build relationships and have a network of providers and professionals to work with. This tends to give our clients information from various different perspectives. A realtor, property manager, contractor, home inspector, insurance company, and banker will all see different aspects of a deal differently so getting information from a variety of sources is very valuable. Shoot me a message and I'd be happy to put you in touch with some of the providers and professionals that we frequently work with.

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