Greenwood, old town neighborhood

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Greenwood is getting started on some major downtown renovations. there are homes available in the old town greenwood area. Currently, this area has a LOT of rentals. But, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on gentrification here?

Do you think that the homes nearby to the old town area have potential for flipping?

Couldn't tell you on flipping, but I can say that I'm looking in that area right now for buy and hold.

@Angela Smith Similar to @Shawn York I have looked here for buy & hold, but have been reluctant to pull the trigger on flips. I have started to see the market softening as a whole so that is what has been holding me back. I have friends who are currently flipping, but a number of their homes are sitting on the market as they continue to face carrying costs. Unless you can get a smoking deal... I would tread carefully. Hope this helps! 


@Angela Smith @Shawn York @Zach Hoereth I live maybe 5 minutes from downtown Greenwood and will tell you that it is a hot area.  I have brokered some deals in the neighborhood and am seeing a mixture of flipping and selling, but also fixing up and using it as an Airbnb (which have been really successful).  Open to discussing more, feel free to DM me.  

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