Rookie Looking to connect! Investors/Agents/Mentors

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Hello All,

Rookie here hoping to one day have some solid passive income through real estate. My wife and I live in Indy. Last year we were able to acquire a duplex and are house hacking now. My plan is to build up our reserves and then save up for another house hack. I want to start aggressively looking in about 12ish months (hopefully less).

Our first deal (duplex) just was decent.. for a few reasons. The good is that We learned a lot of lessons and hope to get an even better deal the second go-round. One of the things I've wanted to do is reach out via BP for Agents/Investor that 1)Understand the Indy Market, 2)Have their own multifamily investments, and are experienced with such! 

I also wanted to reach out to just connect with folks. As someone who doesn't know a lot about real estate investing... it can get pretty confusing & seem too difficult for us normal people! I know that connecting with people who have "been there" is one of the greatest ways to learn and grow! 

I'm excited to eventually attend meetups once it is safe to do so! (feel free to send those too!)

So, please, drop a comment or DM and let's connect! 

Hey @Lamont Glover II

Another Indy rookie here tuning in :) 

You've got more experience than me (hopefully will be house hacking by August, depending on the acts of God occurring) so I can't offer any wisdom, but I would love to hear more about your first duplex deal. How are the numbers? Where did you find it? Any lessons/techniques you would like to share for someone on the same path?

Hey all, I figured I'd reach out on this post. I'm a new out-of-state investor. Would love to connect with other investors, wholesales, agents, title companies, and property managers. If anyone would be so gracious to reach out I'd love to connect. Thanks!

@Lamont Glover II


Congrats on the first deal. The first one is the hardest, I actually just closed on my first deal as well. Good luck in your endeavors. There's lots of great deals in your market.