Lock changing tips after tenants move out

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Looking for advice or recommendations on changing the locks after a tenant moves out. Ideally, a locksmith would just come out and change the chambers but I’m not sure if that’s a thing. I have a house with 3 doors that I need to get changed and I’m tired of replacing all the knobs and deadbolts. I have used Schlage before and had a traumatic experience and would prefer to just have someone come out and switch. But curious what y’all do or who you recommend if you do call a locksmith and what the prices are like.

I've started going to electronic keypad locks so I can change the access code. It's an initial one time larger expense that should pay for itself down the road. (that's the theory anyway)

@Monica Johnson

Look into smartkey by kwikset, all the big box stores carry them. You can re key them your self its super simple. I use them on all my rentals, there alittle pricey but worth it.