New OOS Investor - Looking for help - Ready to purchase

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Hello all!

I been looking for deals around the Indianapolis area for some time and believe I found one to get me started in my RE investing career. All numbers are within budget and promising from my research. I'm looking for a boots on the ground team that could help me achieve this acquisition. Agents, Contractors and a Property Management company. It'll be greatly appreciated if the community could point me to the right direction to find these team. All recommendations are welcome.

Help this newbie now and I'll hope to pass on the help someday in the future too.



Hi Gabriel!

I am also an out-of-state investor investing in the Indianapolis area. I love the Indy market and am looking to add more properties in the area this year. Let me know if you want to chat about Indy real estate. I would be more than happy to share some of my contractor/PM connections as well.

I would suggest for PM companies in your area go on narpm. Org there you will find some of the top property management companies in your area and that would be a good start