What are the best "walking" neighborhoods in Indy?

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Of the top of your head:  

1) what Indianapolis neighborhoods are best for someone who wants an older home with character in a well-established area that's within walking distance to lots of trendy shops, restaurants, gallaries etc.?  

2)In your opinion, what are the best "up and coming" neighborhoods --those with a lot of recent rehab/fix and flip activity?

Thank you!

@Laura Bender

Irvington is great! Super walkable and tons of character and history in homes. But house prices are jumping fast!

Also rehab costs can get pretty expensive depending on where you are in neighborhood. There is a historic district committee that has to approve certain materials. The goal is to preserve the history or the neighborhood. Example: wood siding instead of more affordable vinyl siding.

Mapleton fall creek is great too. But seems like the juice is almost squeezed from that area from an investing stand point, IMO.

You could also check out certain parts of brookside and Garfield park.

I’m sure I’m missing lots, but there’s a few!

I don’t think there are any “up and coming” areas that you can walk to tending shopping. Those area done up and came.

Plenty of areas appreciating, but you’ll have to deal with the crime and drug usage til business move into the areas. Still good opportunity.

I'm not a local, but from what I've heard...

- Near east side neighborhoods i.e. Little Flower, Windsor Place, Grace Tuxedo Park

- Broad Ripple or South Broad Ripple "SoBro" (not up and coming, already blown up!)

- Irvington 

- Speedway (downtown Speedway)

Good question. Looking forward to hearing perspectives from locals.