Investing in Indiana πŸŒ†

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Indiana has many benefits for real estate investors, from taxes deduction to a significant amount of land ready for construction. I'm curious, why did you choose this state for your investment strategy? πŸ€”

Happy investing!

Price points! Could initially make west coast dollars go a bit farther in Indy, plus the landlord-friendly laws; not to mention the possibility for several different kinds of strategies depending on what kind of property became available. Indy has everything from SFH to multi-family to commercial opportunity - just made sense the way the numbers worked out. Little trickier in today's market and with inventory being low, but still grinding away!

Stable rent growth! Nearly 40 Years of 3% rent growth for Indianapolis (4.7% during Covid).

Diversified Economy: Government, Education, Medical, Tech, Logistics, Finance etc.

#1 Airport in North America
#1 City in Pass-through highways / logistics
#2 Fedex hub in the world (expanding by $1billion+)

the list can go on and on :)

Other than the fact that Indiana is where I live, work, and raise a family, I think it's competitively priced and has adequate inventory for getting in the real estate investing game at a middle class level. For example: I work as a Worship Minister at a church and got into the game by investing in single family homes. I moved out of my house earlier this year, rented it out, and bought a 2-house property, moved in the front house and have a tenant in the back one, while working my job and saving. I plan to buy another 2-4 unit property next year in 2022. BiggerPockets has helped me a lot.