What's the best bang for your buck for durability and value for flooring?

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What's the best bang for your buck for durability and value for flooring?

Plank vinyl, bamboo, laminate is what I was thinking

For your own home vs for a rental property?

It depends on the price point of the house. There are good values in flooring to put into houses of every price range, but what you put in a really low end house isn't going to be the same as you'd put into a luxury home. However; for the most part you can use large ceramic tiles, travertine, engineered wood, vinyl planks, etc. All are very durable, and all can be found at sales, builders surplus warehouses, craigslist, Overstock, etc. You can find closeouts sometimes and get really high quality for great prices.

What type of property are you talking about? Also, I was once told that if you can't buy really expensive carpet, buy the best pad, and a lower grade carpet will wear longer.

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Well the reason why I asked your own home vs rental property is because I just purchased a Condo that I'm basically going to do a complete rehab on. Then, I'm going to live there for 1-3 years before renting it out.

I've done everything from all vinyl plank (recently) which cost me about $2.30 per square foot, as well as carpet, stick on laminate tiles and ceramic/ porcelain in our rentals in the past. I'm still ot sure what's the most durable for your money.

I suppose for this since I'll be living theree I want it to not only look nice, but also last a long time.

I was just wondering because I'm sure there are some people with better opinions or experience then I.

I just saw some nice 20 year warranty nylon carpet at lowes WITH 8lbs water proof stain guard pad for 4.25 a square ft, 35 for measuring, and 50 for install stairs included.

Sounds like a great buy...

There's the wood look tile. I've seen it in KB Homes (in fact, you can go on to their website and pick the neighborhood in Lake Forest) It sells for around $3.25 s.f. and probably lasts forever. It's available at Lowe's

I don't usually give unequivocal answers, but the absolute, most durable flooring material is porcelain tile (not ceramic). Stuff is bullet proof. I've had it in my primary and rentals for years and no one can break it. It looks great years later and if you spend a little extra you can get some very nice tiles.

With tile just do not go for the cheapest. Inside tiles the cheap ones are very slick and smooth and you fall easily. Ones that are a few cents more a sq ft have the small grains mixed in on top so that they have a grip even when wet to prevent accidents. Not foolproof but better than the slick ones.

The most durable floor is porcelain tile. About 80% of the tile sold these days is porcelain, but people continue to ask for ceramic. Most ceramic is made for walls only these days...

After tile, a good vinyl tile/plank would probably be next.

Keep in mind NOTHING is indestructible...even tile can be scratched. And if something falls hard enough, tile can crack.

Tile is durable but unforgiving of flooring imperfections, cold in the winter, and can become dated. I like it but just saying. Best use -bathrooms.

Wood is good. For common areas I choose it over carpet any day. Full thickness you can refinish and it lasts forever. You can always use are rugs.

Laminate.. would not make my list. Vinyl is more durable. all in all it depends on the market.

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