How much to raise ceiling - blow out to rafters?

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I have a single story house with low ceilings/attic space. I was curious for ball park cost on 13 x17 living room ceiling blow out... It does have one ac vent that would goto industrial look. Any guestimates? Vanilla finishing, nothing fancy...just rafters and one AC duct/vent.

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Might also want to make sure you don't have any electric or plumbing that needs covered up. Is it in an area that gets cold in the winter? If so, you'll lose a lot of heat if there isn't any insulation up there.

The cost is very dependent on contractors in your area. It sounds like a relatively simple job, maybe $1K or so. But would need more specifics to get a better idea.

Wow that seems super cheap Michael..yes no plumbing or electrical but slight heat/cool loss understood. I was thinking 2500. If I can get it done for 1k I am all over that like flys on #×××.



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Hey, just to re-state, if the house is insulated at the ceiling and not directly under the roof, you'll experience significant heat loss/gain by taking out the ceiling. This could expand into a moisture issues as well by introducing a big temperature change at the roof line. I would budget in cost for insulating inside the rafters.

Hope that helps.

Originally posted by @Matt R. :
Wow that seems super cheap Michael..yes no plumbing or electrical but slight heat/cool loss understood. I was thinking 2500. If I can get it done for 1k I am all over that like flys on #×××.



I would expect to pay around $1K to a contractor I have a history with. If you're just calling around a couple companies in the area, you may be looking at closer to $2500. Really depends on a lot of things. How is the drywall hung, what size drywall, does HVAC need to be reran, etc.

We just did one of those, a bit larger area, living dining room open concept,roughly 15x25

We had two guys about two days, to demo, insulate inside the rafters, a bit of framing and hang the drywall. We had to move wiring for a couple light fixtures but that didnt take long.

$ 15.00 x 2 guys x 8 hrs x 2 days = $480 labor. If you have 30.00 hour guys they can probably do it in a day :-) about $200 for drywall and insulation, misc materials maybe another $100. Have to pay my drywaller to finish it yet, but definitely under a 1,000 for me. Not saying you can hire it for that in your area, but it gives you an idea what it should cost in Canton Ohio. Sounds like about the same in Louisville, Kentucky.

The impact was worth 5 times that for what it did to our house.

thanks Matt, Dell and Michael. Yes it one great low cost visual trick. I think if you had two identical homes, one with blown out ceilings one with 8 footers. 999 of 1000 would want to buy/rent the high ceiling house. Not to mention 999 would bet the high ceiling house was much larger.



Matt, essentially it's a dew point issue, and it can be an issue in most climates. Picture a Coke can. If the hot air outside hits your cold home inside at the roof line, your cold roof (cold because it's not insulated and your A/C is cooling it) can cause the air to drop in temperature. Colder air cannot hold as much moisture and can cause parts of your roof to sweat. Insulation at the rafters will keep the thermal barrier inside the house and allow the roof itself to be the same temperature as the outside, reducing the likelihood of this problem.

I hope this makes sense. Building science can get a little harry, but that's the simple answer. Ask a roofer about this, and he should be able to out specific to your area. Of course, I'm happy to answer more questions if you have them.

@Matt R.

Along with the great advice shared here, remember also that if you are planning to rent the property after making this repair, take advantage of the fact that the better-insulated area will help your tenants keep their utility bills lower. Tenants really care about this stuff and it can help you stand out from the competition.

Thanks, Bryan

Hi Matt: Chances are you've got a few bids by now. When I did my ceiling I believe it ran about 7,000. To raise the ceiling you do away with trusses--so I had to bring in jacks a gluelam beam and necessary 2x8's to support the roof. Installed can lights and insulation.
It looks great now!