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We just bought a property - actually, closing on it tomorrow. It's bank owned and has some issues. Former owners did some changes to the front porch and siding. They removed part of the white vinyl and replaced it with pine, stained an orangy cedar color. Why they didn't go all the way to the corners is anyone's guess.

So what would you do with this, other than the obvious repairs that are needed?

Outside of actually changing the structure I would just paint it or change siding...Paint exterior in grey paint/grey siding.. White trim, black shutters.. door in either black or red- rails and columns all in white.. steps in concrete paint.. In front on either side create a little flower bed with black mulch.

@Sylvia B.

That's not the most attractive property I've ever seen. I presume that the financials are very attractive or you would not have bought. Would you mind sharing the financials, price, value, rent, expenses, exit strategy, etc.

Paint the railings, gutter, and all the trim white. Paint the siding a dark grey, and give it a maroon front door! Pretty neutral and should appeal to a wide range of people.

I don't know what type of plants are good year round in Missouri's climate, but the yard needs some dimension too.

At least the roof looks good!

paint the railings, paint the brick. Is it a flip or rental?

Paint the pine the same color as the siding. Hang some plants off the porch that always makes it look better

@Ophelia Nicholson That sounds like a pretty good color scheme.

@Scott S.

It sounds like you're in agreement with Ophelia. Maybe a couple of boxwood shrubs would look good by the foundation. They look good and don't grow fast. And yes, the roof is good.

@Scott K.

It's a rental. "Paint the pine the same color as the siding." That's what I told Hubby! He said it was an "accent" and I said more like an accident! If we paint the pine white to match the vinyl we could paint the window trim, door, fascia and porch rails in a nice attractive color.

@David Krulac

No, not attractive at all, and you can't see the worst of it from this photo. The inside is dirty and full of trash, including dog poo in the carpet and spoiled food in the kitchen, but it has possibilities!

We paid $22k and expect to put about $8-15 more in it, depending on how much we do. It's 1200ft² 2/1, but can easily be 3/1. We expect to get $450-500 in rent. I'll share all the financials and before/after photos once we get it rehabbed and rented.

Assets: Good roof, new windows, new (<3 yrs) HVAC, decent kitchen, high ceilings, good floor plan, good location.

Liabilities: All flooring needs replaced, HVAC needs cleaned(run w/o filter,) leaky tub/shower has ruined a couple of walls, some DIY work needs to be torn out & redone(minor) ivy has overgrown one outside wall, needs some siding & fascia repair & new front door, filthy throughout.

We have a crew ready to tear out the carpets, clean out the trash, and repair the fascia on Monday. At that point we'll make decisions about how extensive the rehab will be. Will we just fix what's necessary, making it functional but keeping the expense to a minimum, or will we go for a bigger plan? We just don't know yet.

The goal is to create a curb appeal that would get people out of their cars. So to that effect...

  • Fix the gutters
  • Paint the front make it one uniform color
  • Paint the railings and posts white
  • Paint the cement blocks; put a simple white trellis in front of the blocks; add some shrubbery & plants in front of it.
  • Remove about 1 to 2 feet of grass on both sides of the front walk way leading to the stairs
  • Flank the walkway with plants and solar lights maybe even box it in with red bricks
  • Put some outdoor seating on the porch and some potted plants
  • Put in a nice decorative mailbox at the bottom of the stairs
  • Add a nice decorative house numbers on the door or next to it
  • Add some nice lighting by the front door
  • Add some hanging plants by the corner posts

These should greatly improve the look of your house. Good luck.

If the white is vinyl then I'd go with white on the pine as well. One suggestion for your shrubs in front would be a "Knockout" hybrid shrub rose. They grow about 3-4ft high and wide, don't take much care but flower most of the summer. Often available at the big box stores in the spring.

I'd take a slightly different view having flipped a few and rented many more. I'd replace the siding along the front facia of the house to a different color other than white. White siding shows up every dent, scratch and dirt stain on it. I'd probably go with a warm neutral color like mocha or tan. Then I would paint the existing siding two shades lighter. Sherwin Williams makes a very good paint specifically designed to adhere to vinyl siding and can be tinted any color.

Then I would paint the window trims, posts and railing a warm white or off-white color. You could choose to paint front door the same as trim, but I would probably go with a wine red color to make it stand out without clashing. Because the window to the left is so close to the edge of the house, I would not bother putting up shutters. However, perhaps a pretty window flower box below each would help spruce things up. I cannot tell what condition the porch is in but you could consider restraining it or painting it to brighten the front entrance up.

I'd definitely paint the foundation and steps with masonry paint that will help protect from water seepage. Define two flower beds on either side of the steps and plant a row of boxwoods closest to the house foundation then add medium to small plants as you move forward away from foundation. I like the idea of hanging plants and hanging plants along the railing. The grass looks like it has some bare spots so I'd invest in a bag of fast growing grass seed.

Take a look at a rehab we completed in 2012. There are before and after pics of the front and rear (also a slideshow of some different remodels we've put together as well). Although we did not need to replace any siding, we did paint it and it still looks great. Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration as well. :)

Well here is what we ended up doing:

Replaced all the siding, painted trim, new door, added gutter, painted concrete block to match siding, new stairs & railings, added landscape timbers & planted boxwood (small ones that are hard to see in photos) & graveled the driveway. The tenant added the gate at the top of the stairs to keep their dogs from running into the street.

Good job, that looks way better. Definitely not something I would be afraid of living in now ;)

Thanks! The inside looked at least as bad as the outside. We totally rebuilt the kitchen and bath, including subfloor, rewired most of the house, added a couple of walls, added insulation, a couple of new windows, new doors, new flooring throughout. Fortunately the foundation, roof, and HVAC were good!

Paid $22K and put $20K in the remodel. We had it rented long before it was finished for $495/month to very good tenants. Wish I could find 5-10 more just like it!

Way to go Sylvia!!! I looks great. Lots of luck and continued success.

Awesome Job!

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