What's the worse house you walked in?

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2 yrs ago we were taking a walk in my neighborhood and i stop and look at 2 raccoon on top of the roof of that one house. it was a mamma raccoon and a baby raccoon. holes in the roof, junk cars, overgrown bushes. trees all over. but i never approached the sellers. fast forward 2 yrs and i see about 10 guys in hazmat suits taking garbage out.

one thing led to another and i have this house under a Purchase agreement.

1. there was a family in there. the wife was mentally and physically sick. there were human excrement everywhere

2. carpet, hardwood and sub-floor are trashed

3. there were 2 dead dogs, one dead cat and the skeletons of 2 other animals

3. the window AC was angled toward the hardwood and the entire wall is molded

4. when the crew opened a garbage can there were diapers from the baby in the family. That "baby" is now 29 yrs old and lives in Europe.

5. the husband was believed to have lived out of his car for the last 3 yrs of his life since neighbors would see him in his car and in parking lots in his car in odd hours.

i will post pictures and numbers later. i have 4 houses in that subdivision and i make them beautifully. buy and hold, but i might put this one on a land contract after it's done.

Holy moly!

I was going to say "fire damage" but I think you got me beat @George P. !

i forgot to mention that the furnace has been disconnected for many years now because they had a space heaters in each room.

they took 11 dumpsters out of 1050 sq. ft house.

You are brave to embrace this type of property but I admire you for doing so. I buy mainly sight unseen but this one house I had placed an offer had an appraisers report on it which had identified human excrement. It was a 800sf SFR repo on a 10000sf R3 lot.

We went into escrow and I asked them to cut some slack and get it down to 175K. I tried to explain this presented a health risk to potential clean up guys while I was exploring the potential to build another unit on the lot.

City said that it was tight as as a 2 car garage was needed for each new unit. In the end they did not budge on the price and I decided to walk. They sold it for 165K and it was listed, sold, cleaned up and in contract 3months later on Redfin for £280K.

the legal,  estate,  documents are finally ready.  they contacted me last week and asked to proceed with the  sale.  I asked to see it again on Tuesday to see if the condition has worsened.  I doubt it since it can't get any worse.  I am seeing it with my contractor.  

That's going to take VISION! I want to see before and after if you move forward with it!

Over the years I can think of 4 homes that I bought from True blue hoarders.. the type were you walk in and there are just little paths from room to room and there is all manner of items papers garbage etc stacked 4 feet deep. Seen many that only had sub floors.

One of my favorite though was I walked up to one that was an animal hoarder they lived on a little bit of acreage and they had a menagerie of animals in the little pen in front of the house. knocked on door and it sounded like 25 dogs in side.. well the floors were all pergo and the sound of all those dogs running to the door was something that one stunk of high heaven we had to take it to the studs.

I had another in PDX were I just bought then relisted it.. ( I am a broker) put on the listing in agent remarks.. Front Door is open no lock box and wear your hazmat suit ...

Just bought one this week in PDX were the house in in the city of Portlandia and the house is literally covered up in Blackberries will a little hole in the them leading to the front door. inside is gross.. But I will demo that one and get three building lots it will be a total home run that onel.

Wow, too many to choose from... one did make me physically ill for 2 days. It wasn't so much the appearance of the property but the stinch took its toll. 



Originally posted by @George P. :


they took 11 dumpsters out of 1050 sq. ft house.

How many yards did those dumpsters hold? 11 15-yd dumpsters is roughly 4 or 5 40-yd ones. 

@George P.  This one sounds totally doable especially if the hazmat guys already did the dirty work.  My largest dumpster count for one house was 23 forty yard dumpsters, and that didn't include all the stuff we sold at garage sales, metal and electronics taken by recyclers (by the truckload) and stuff stolen by burglars that came every night.

But the worst one is easy...my hands-down winner is shown here:  http://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/223/topics/133...

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