Converting Property From Oil to Natural Gas

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Greetings BP members,

I'm looking to buy-and-hold a rental property (duplex) that has oil heat. However, if I decide to buy it, I plan to convert it to natural gas since there is already a gas line into the property (i.e. there's a gas stove in each unit) and natural gas is cheaper for the tenant. Is this conversion risky or costly? Has anyone made this conversion for a rental? Just want to get some feedback on this. Thanks in advance.


It's pretty easy and I couldn't do it fast enough. Having oil on-site is an ever increasingly risky liability. The easiest way is to replace the existing oil fired appliance with a gas fired heating unit which is rated at a 92% or higher efficiency as that will sidewall vent through PVC pipe. This will avoid the existing chimney hassle. A less expensive way is to have a gas conversion gun installed in place of the existing oil gun.

Tell me about the existing heating system(s).



How much does what typically cost?


Originally posted by @Tiesha Mobley:

@Stephen S. how much does this typically cost?

@Eric Johnson and @Tiesha Mobley - with a gas line already present in the property, you remove the expense of digging up the street to tap into the gas main and then running the gas line to the house.

There are a number of other factors that will impact the cost of a conversion, especially when more than one unit where the intent is to have each unit pay its own heat. The type of system (boiler with radiators or furnace with forced air). The age of system (might be worth salvaging something relatively new with a gas gun or might be better to completely replace something really old).

So some more input from the OP is needed.

I install these type of systems.  We always say "A BTU is a BTU".  Assuming it's a hotwater system, you can install one of those tankless water heaters so long as they have enough BTUs for each duplex.  Bosch, Navian, Takagi and State each make these type of heating units.

A few questions pop into my head with a conversion like this:

1) Is each heating system separate by unit?

2) Are you able to vent through-wall?

3) Is the existing gas line large enough to handle the increase in BTUs

Definitely worth getting an estimate though.  Good luck.

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