laminate entry ways

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I recently heard a contractor say that you should never have laminate at your entry ways because inspectors will point it out as a deficiency to buyers. He said that its more vulnerable to moisture and will buckle at the doorway. Do you all agree with this? Thanks.

In my first rental which was my first home, I put down laminate everywhere. It's held up well except by the front door where its visibly worn and has slightly raised seams. Everywhere else in the condo it looks brand new.

Mind you this is a condo with a building with open air catwalks in Florida. The elements beat against the front door and you're coming in with wet shoes for a good part of the summer months. I wouldn't do laminate in a rental again.

Really appreciate the info. Thanks Chris M.

Laminate is sensitive to water and will degrade quickly if it gets damp. I, too, would avoid it for entryways. I'd recommend tile or some other hardy material right in the entry way.

Agreed with above and with Jon about using tile at the entryway...

Tile is great for a place to take off and store wet shoes when company comes.

For a flip, a picky buyer will probably not want to see laminate anywhere. They will want hardwood, granite or other expensive type of tile in entryways and kitchen, and nice carpet in the bedrooms.

That being said, I'm starting to use laminate everywhere on all my newly acquired buy-and-hold properties since I can get it for 0.39-0.89/sqft and install it myself very quickly. The cheaper stuff will generally have a 5-15 year warranty, will be harder to put together and might not last as long. The more expensive stuff will have 20-50 year warranty and probably last through many tenants compared to carpet. Lately I haven't bothered with an underlayment and haven't found the extra cost necessary. I also use mullion for the thresholds and shoe molding at .23/lf from HD along with the laminate to cut costs even further.

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