Can't sell my flip

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hello, what should one do if his newly renovated house was on the market for over a year, had at least 3 price drops and went through 3 different brokers?

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Originally posted by @Tom Keith:
are any of the brokers giving suggestions? Or getting feedback from consumers?

yes, we got some feedback the street is too noisy, some have complaints about little renovation things

Originally posted by @Rafael Floresta :
Put a link to the listing, and let the local people from BP help you with a asking price.

@Account Closed If it has been on market over year and suggestions that street too busy you might want to look at alternate exit strategy. Mainly Rental, or try to market away from problem. Anyway to buffer the street noise? These are just thoughts. Good Luck.

Lets hit some keywords here... Philadelphia, North Philly, South Jersey.

It looks like you have some good comps in the area.

How much can you rent it?

Not going to claim to know anything about Philly. However...

Even on that zillow page, if you look on the bottom right of the page at "Similar Homes" you look like you are maybe $15k-$20k above market.

I'm thinking neighborhood overall and specific location (busy corner) in relation to price. Price-wise, I think you're close to where it should be, but now it's been on the market and you know all buyers' favorite color is shiny. Is renting any option?

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Don't know anything about Philly either.

However I feel as though when buyers see the words rehabbed they expect perfection and everything to have been touched. Appears the exterior landscaping is leaving something to be desired.

Maybe you can pull the listing and address the landscaping, maybe taller fence in the back (if allowed by city), fix concrete. Then come back on the market fresh.

Busy streets are a killer. I learned this the hard way. Find comps on this same busy street or similar nearby busy streets. You cannot use houses off the busy street for comps.

Yeah I am not a rehabber and only in commercial real estate.

I would say the landscaping outside looks something out of a horror movie. Not trying to beat you up on this but it looks atrocious. The chain link fence people think of the ghetto. I would use a better quality fence that has more curb appeal. The front and back yard the grass is so bad that space isn't usable. Even if in the city people would like some outside space to remind them of the burbs with clean grass and fresh air etc.

The concrete stairs are literally falling apart in front. In back the same thing is happening. I would prefer concrete taken out in back and grass put in.

I think it sounds like you have been chasing the market. It doesn't matter if you reduce 10 times the price can still be inflated. It's a common seller mistake. The only thing I like in the whole place is the staircase. There is no crown molding anywhere on the ceilings in the place I could see. The kitchen has what appears to be some 70's flooring that is awful. I would replace the white outlet cover plates with stainless steel to match the theme of the kitchen. The sink is very tiny in the kitchen. Looks like to the right would be where more cabinets would go and a fridge but it's just blank.

The basement it looks like is dirty and dingy. I would have at least put some fresh paint in there and then added some nicer lighting in the ceiling to jazz it up some. Yes it's more of an empty space but it still needs to look good.

I hope you didn't pay too much for this flip and then are stuck with it. On these types of properties it's common to buy too high and then run out of funds and list it. What you get is a mismatch of finishes and a half %ss product where a buyer goes in one space and goes OOOOHHH and another space and goes OMG this is hideous. Buyers ONLY pay top dollar for a finished product.

A busy street will discount some but I feel you have a lot of other issues with this property that are more pressing. Some of the rooms appear to have wonky angles to them. I would go view properties that are pending in your area and see how you stack up finish wise. If you can't put anymore money into this a rental might be in your future.

Hope it helps

I agree with Joel- the back yard looks like cr*p. Why are you even including those photos in the listing? Either do something about the back yard or leave the photos out and hope they've fallen in love with the place before they go out the back door ;)

Are the angles really wonky inside, or is this just bad use of a wide-angle lens? A bit of staging and some professional photos may help a lot. And -- just include one picture of the basement. You want them to know there's a sizable unfinished basement, but it doesn't need to be featured prominently.

I'm afraid I agree about the kitchen flooring as well. It's not necessarily bad in and of itself, but it clashes with the countertop and backsplash -- kind of "mediterranean vs. urban" or something. It doesn't look like a big space- it might be worth it to go back and add a simpler beige floor.

@Account Closed

Hey, here are some of my thoughts...

When I list flips (over 100 this year) I am watching a few things:

1. If I list a flip and do not get several showings within 2 weeks then I can assume that the house is over priced. Buyers do NOT show up for houses that are over priced no matter whats inside them.

2. If I list a house and get several showings but no offers then I can assume that it is something at or about the house. So I will begin to make changes. If people are showing up to the house it is priced right but there is something at the house that is saying don't buy this house.

Also keep in mind when flipping there are three things that sale houses:




You must focus on those three things when you are working on your outcome or sales.

If you have any questions please let me know I am more than happy to help you in any way. Again flipping is my game I have done literally 100's of them. I bought over 1 million dollars this week alone in new flips.

Good Luck!


I also wanted to mention that the FIRST impression sets the tone on a property.

In a few seconds a buyer decides if they want to see more or even consider buying a property.

I bet in the time you had it listed there were many buyers doing a drive by and not even going inside of the property because of the exterior condition. Had they gotten inside they might have put in and offer or considered it at least.

From the fence, to the grass, to the front and back steps and yard I see a few thousand in costs at least to make it look nice.

@Oleg k

I have never flip before, I am learning to do my first flip this year.

Please take it as suggestion instead of criticism.

I think@Joel Owens nails it.

1) the curb appeal

2) the flooring from the living room does not flow through with the kitchen.

3) the front entrance stairs & the wire fence really throws away the interest of potential buyer. It is not inviting.

Great job on the rehab it really looks quality from the pictures accept the landscaping. I'm sure @Account Closed was just trying to show that the property has a great potential for a fenced in yard but in doing so it just looks like a mess. The pitbull next door is a nice touch too. I think I would just remove those pictures then rake, mow and clean the back yard and snap so better pics.

Nice building & interior, I would've carried the wood flooring into the kitchen, too. The front does need help, that first impression thing is so true, they won't even drive by with the pics of the front the way they are. I would put a stucco of mortar over those front steps, some flower pots & a bench in the front yard, make it look inviting. Color matching thumb latch opener & kick plate on front door. I would try to hide the chain link fence as much as possible, maybe paint it black? I've seen painted chain link before.

The back, I'd go over the concrete with sleeper 2x4's & decking, I'd put up 6' stockade fencing attached to the chain link to make it private.

I'd play up the basement, paint it, close off the utilities with a little partition and stage it with a ping ping table & a couch or two. The comps most likely won't be end units with big windows in the basement, so I can see the extra value in your property, but you have to make them see it.

Originally posted by @Rafael Floresta :
Lets hit some keywords here... Philadelphia, North Philly, South Jersey.

It looks like you have some good comps in the area.

How much can you rent it?

hi, i am just wondering is there any reason why you specifically chose redfin ?