Help me pick some colors please!

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Just got this gem under contract and need some opinions on colors. The window awnings are coming off just so that is clear. I was thinking a crème color with a grey or brown roof. Also maybe some red shutters? All opinions are welcome! Thanks in advance!

Gray or black roof.

Taupe body of the house

White trim

Black shutters (if you want to add shutters)

Burgundy/red door

@Charlie Hampton hey Charlie, keep roof green with off white walls and white trim to keep stately look to veranda on right. Just my thoughts. Tom

what colors do buyers in that neighborhood like?

White with the green is a traditional color scheme.

A rich gray color with white trim, and gray roof would look really nice. Gray is a very hot color right now.

How about a milk chocolate brown with creamy white trim?

Just about any color will work on that style of house.


Earth tones seem to do good around this area. The only reason I would change the roof color is because the roof is in bad shape. I suppose I could go with green again. I am not really a fan of darker colors on smaller houses; I feel it makes them seem smaller.

I think Navy Blue shutters on a creme colored house would look pretty good

If that is stucco, you can go:

- cream with brown/gold/tan roof

- or grey/tan with a dark grey/black roof

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