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I'm hopefully getting ready to do my first flip with an arv of 65k what kinda splash items do u suggest. My budget 15k it's a 2/1 and maybe 800-1000 sq ft

Go over to and look at the after pictures there.  

It depends on who your buyers are.  For some demographic of buyers/houses, making everything new (even if low end) is enough of a wow factor.  The first 50+ houses I flipped I didn't do anything other than ensure that everything was new, and buyers were fighting over the product.

Then, when I moved up to higher-end properties (and no-longer first-time homebuyers), the necessity for more unique features was required.  We've done everything from built-in large-screen TVs to shower systems to upgraded appliances to throwing in the staging furniture.  

You need to figure out who your buyers will be and cater to THEM specifically.  If it's likely to be singles, you might want to focus on "guy stuff."  If it's likely to be couples, focus on "girl stuff."  If it's likely to be families, focus on family-friendly stuff.

one thing I was thinking of doing was all stainless steel appliances and a inexpensive jet tub

. Look at other similar houses for sale that will be your competition, particularly those that would've been your competition that have sold. one up those to stand out or at least copy off them to be at least equal.

Seth and J Scott are right on.

It will depend on your area and what are the comps in the area. I just completed my 1st flip and everything in house is basic.Houses in area range between 75K and 150K I used stock cabinets and counter top from HD and well ans vanities in Bathrooms . No granite (LOL) Painted the whole inside and house looked brand new. Made a nice profit

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