Replacing a 10,000 sqft concrete parking lot??

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I'm looking at a small apartment complex in NE Indiana that needs turned around. The concrete parking lot is in pretty bad shape. I really like the idea of ripping it out and replacing it with asphalt and striping the parking spaces.

Anyone had experience in this? Would it be better to replace it with concrete? Pros and cons?

I have access to someone that has access to equipment to remove the old concrete for an overall decent price by the way.

I'm not an expert or a civil engineer, but from what I've read, these things are like paint: it's all about the prep work. If the parking lot is sagging and cracking, the covering you choose likely won't be the most cost prohibitive factor... It's going to be the cost of digging out tons and tons of dirt and pouring in a thicker layer of gravel. The idea would be to properly support the weight and make sure the parking lot doesn't fail yet again in a few years... I'm not sure about concrete or asphalt though. 

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