finding owners of vacant properties

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My wife and I were driving around Claremont in Southern California and noticed a vacant home with notices plastered all over the front windows. looking through the windows revealed an empty house with lots a work to do.

What is the best way for us to find out who the owner is, what the current numbers are, and subsequently try to make an offer on the house?

Thanks in advance all!!


@Steve Veen , I would check the Assessor's Office, Recorder's Office, Courthouse Records, or go talk to the neighbors or run a skip tracer. Hope this helps ya!

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Yeah my first go to is the tax page.  See who the owner and where their mailing address is.  If their mailing address happens to be the vacant property I'd ask the neighbors

Don't forget that Claremont is L.A. County. 

You need to first determine if there's anything worth chasing. 

Here's my formula:






Definitely check tax assessor for owner info. and it sounds like it is a pre-foreclosure (notes posted all over).

@William Larsen @Rick H.  

Looks like the tax records of this property are not available on the LA County assessor site until after Sept 30. 

If I go to the assessor's office, do I just ask for the owners info? Do they get that all the time? Can they tell me if the taxes are current? Is there a cost for this info?

Thanks for the info. 


You might have to go to the county recorders office in Norwalk. 

I got up early, did a Sheriff's lockout in L.A. then drove to Norwalk to record several docs, and home by noon.

You can always shadow my research work or check out my site if you aren't up to doing this yourself. However, you really DO need to check out if there's any substantial equity before getting too excited.

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