House Flipping in Nashville TN (Understanding Submarkets)

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Hi Everyone,

I am moving to TN within the next year and I am trying to get a feel for the area before I move down beyond the information I can obtain from my research online. I plan to fix and flip houses to fund my purchase of properties I will hold  for rentals.

I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on the best sub-markets surrounding Nashville  as well as the worst! I would also be interested to hear what types of properties you are targeting in these areas and a general profile of who you expect your buyer to be.


For Rehabbing I would stick to East Nashville, Madison, Hermitage, Goodlettsville, Spring Hill, Murfreesburo

Areas to avoid for rehabbing would be, Antioch, Cane Ridge, La Vernge, North Nashville, Whites Creek, Joelton, Pegram.

This is based on data I pulled from the MLS and my observation. I am sure someone will come along and say that Antioch had the most sales of anywhere in Middle Tennessee. However if you look at the stats most of the properties in that area are rentals and not owner occupied. Also Antioch, and La Vernge have a lot of crime and values are not as good as other places like East Nashville or Spring Hill.

Thanks a lot! This information very helpful some of it aligns with my research but this will help me focus my efforts more.

If I am planning to move into the area within the next year and start investing shortly after how early do you think it is acceptable to start talking with lenders and vendors?

@Wayne Woodson  Antioch had/has the most sales in Middle TN! Lol, messing with you, but what % of those sales are renters?

Just wanted to check in and see how your flipping was going in Nashville?

Hey @Patrick Camuso , curious to see how your investing is going here in Nashville? Are you actively looking for properties right now?

I would be cautious. I am not a flipper, but I am seeing some softening in the market. Nothing huge just some subtle signs. Make sure you have room in your numbers.  

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