septic problems in new rental house.

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so I just bought my second rental property  it was a Fannie Mae   we are waiting to get the water turned on and hear from the neighbor that the previous owners left because the septic tank or other water was backing up in the yard. We were told that it would be about 2 grand to dig up and evaluate the system. He wouldn't even quote one hoe much a new tank would be but said it was very unlikely it would be needed.  The neighbor also said the former owners were only showe ring every other day and had to monitor water use.   Does anyone have any prior experience or advice for this situation.  

Call a company to pump out unit.  In Tx this will run about $350.  Then you can evaluate system.  What type of septic system is in place? 

FYI - I had a complete aerobic system installed for about $5K

Sounds like bad leech field.  Just had another leech field added to one of my units for $1500.   You need to talk to another septic company also.  The tank can be dug up and inspected for less then $100 and can be pumped for $250 to $350.  They have to remove the lid to pump it anyway.

Whatever it is, sounds gross

Whatever it is, you need to get moving on determining the problem and fixing it.  In my county in Texas a malfunctioning septic system is a criminal offense with big fines and potential jail time if ignored.  As others have said it sounds like a system that needs to be pumped or possibly a crushed line to the leech field if it is a standard system or damaged pump or heads if an aerobic system. 

thank you all 

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