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Hello BP Community, 

I'm in search for a scheduling tool for one of my real estate related businesses. 

I manage a team of remote, independent contractors. By law, independent contractors retain control over their schedule and number of hours worked. I provide work for them to do, tell them on what days it needs to be completed, and how many hours or lump sum I am willing to pay them for in order to complete the task, but I can't dictate when they work.

SO... I'm looking for some type of online scheduling software where my IC can accept work orders.  I think this could be very applicable to anyone in the short-term hold / flip business. 

Has anyone utilized such a software before?  Reviews? 

Thank you in advance, 


In the software business this would be a "bug tracking" system.  I used to work in the oil production business and we had an application for entering trouble tickets with wells and field equipment and these were assigned to contractors to work.  It was almost identical to the various software bug tracking systems.  There are a number of open source bug tracking systems available for free.  Sorry, no recommendations since I'm stuck using an in-house developed one.  I suspect you could get one of the free ones to work for you.

Are you expecting that your contractors will be using the same system and that they will follow the work-flow without having scheduling discussions with you?

That seems unlikely to me...

This  could be a good candidate for Asana ( Asana is a free web-based collaborative project management/task management program. I've been using it for the past couple of months and really like it. It's great for personal use as well as for collaborative use with a team. There are some pretty good how-to videos on youtube. 

I've talked about it before, but we run Buildertrend. Looked hard at Co-construct, but Buildertrend was a better fit.

Most serious builders end up using Buildertrend or Co construct. The other options are along the lines of Timberline, but that turns into a veerrrryyyy expensive set-up and going concern, and isn't hardly worth it unless you're doing serious commercial or industrial jobs.

I've looked into the systems Aaron mentions.  They are worth looking into just to see what all they do and how they do it.  They are geared towards managing retail customers and customers' selections.

I've also met some savvy investors who use Google Calendar.  It has a lot of scheduling, alerting, etc that I was interested in.


Rick - from a back-end perspective, they also handle calendar scheduling and subcontractor notification. We actually use the system on jobs where we are the 'customer' just as heavily as on the jobs with no 2nd party customer.

Did anyone find an app or site that works great for just scheduling and keeping contractors on task?

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