Anyone converting .5ba to full bathroom on CONDO flips?

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I was at a meetup the other night, and I heard an agent talk about a 3br/1.5ba condo on market on the peninsula where there was enough room to add a shower to the .5ba toilet and make it a full bathroom. That sounded crazy for a second, until she said she's familiar with the HOA, and that they allow the half bathroom to be converted to a full bathroom.

I hadn't ever heard of this on a condo before, although I know adding a bathroom is a popular flip technique here in the Bay Area on single family's. @David C.  , ever done it or considered it? I'm usually not a big fan of using agents for my purchases, but this is a case where the agent's knowledge would be very valuable...

If the COA allows it, fine, since you're altering common elements with the sewer line modifications.

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Sounds like it would be to speak to a contractor and understand what is allowed by the HOA.

All HOA documents should be available either as a public record or a disclosure in contract.

People remodel units within large buildings all the time.   A general case is not terribly helpful - one needs to understand the specific situation.  

@J. Martin I have not done bath room alteration in a condo. When flipping them, I tried to go in & out as quickly as possible. For the older condo, I had to get HOA to shutoff the main valve to do work, sometime it takes a week or 2 for HOA to schedule it, so I avoid getting into plumbing work.

I think the HOA will try to accommodate the bath room addition if you are existing owner, if you are investor trying to buy and rent, they might think you are trying to bring more people & cars & worsen the parking situation. HOA are made up of concerned home owners, they are not too excited about investors bringing in more renters. Hope this help.

@David C. , beyond what is "officially" allowed by the HOA documents, I thought it was nice that the agent seemed to know that it had been done (seemingly with some regularity before) and that the BOARD of the HOA tended to allow owners to do it.

She was pitching this as a flip, so not sure if she knows they would let them also, knowing that they may not be a long-term owner occupant, but how would they even know that..?

@Tapan Trivedi  what are the cons to the macerating pumps. I'm fascinated by all the options they give landlords.

@Al Williamson  The most obvious con is 'No electricity No Flush' . 

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