Asbestos Tiles

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Is it acceptable to cover asbestos tiles with vinyl siding without having to go through the hazards of removing it?

@Clint Weir  this is commonly done in Upstate NY, not sure if the laws differ in TX.  Call a few vinyl siding contractors and get their opinion over the phone.

It's doen here in Virginia all the time. I would call a few siding companies in your area and ask them, rules can differ from state to state.

Thanks for the input guys.

Enclosing it is fine in many locations.

Thanks James.

It works in MA, I'd imagine it works in TX.

Clint the following is an excerpt I took from Texas Department of State Health Services ( )

"Single residences (fourplex or smaller) are exempt from state and federal asbestos regulations if the property continues to be used as a single residence after the demolition or renovation."

You could go ahead and remove the tiles but do eveything you can to try and not break them. I would also encourage you to wear a protective suit, wear an N95 rated mask, goggles, gloves and shoe covers. The tiles should be bagged and along with your protective gear sent to your local hazard disposal facility along with your used and bagged gear.

Typically we don't worry about asbestos in residential homes unless its friable material such as vermiculite or gyspum insulation.  

Hope this helps some.

Hi @Steve H.
Great information. Thanks for the reference.
Originally posted by @Clint Weir :
Hi @Steve H.
Great information. Thanks for the reference.


I just ran into the same thing, what did you end up doing on your house?

Hey Tyron,

I didn't end up buying the house, but I was going to leave it as-is and give it a fresh coat of paint (or two).

I came across a post that recommended that I wash the shingles down first to remove dirt and mildew and then prime the shingles with an exterior acrylic primer. Finish with 2 coats of either a flat or satin acrylic house paint.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

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