Flooring for raised patio - opinions wanted

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Hi All-

     I am in process of building a raised patio at my primary residence.  The kitchen and family rooms will open out onto a 30'x15' patio that is the same level as the house floors, but about 2' higher then ground outside.

    I'm trying to figure out what to do with flooring.  I don't want a rough finish pavers would give -- I'd like to be able to step out in bare feet comfortably.  I would also like to find something that won't be really cold to the touch ideally.

  Any recommendations on something that would give the polished finished feel of an indoor floor, stand up to the snow and freezing weather, and ideally not be super cold to the touch?

heated stained concrete ?

That's actually what I have on the first floor of my house, was hoping to avoid running the heating, and even inside it doesn't get all that warm....I'm guessing outside it would really take a lot to keep temperature.

I was thinking maybe there was a vinyl tile product that might fit the bill.

I really like the porcelain tile that looks like hardwood, if there was something similar looking that wasn't as quite cold as tile......hrmmm......

A deck using composite lumber. Not quite a patio, but def. not going to hold the chill like stone products.

Not sure the composite lumber is going to give me the finished, indoor feel I am looking for.  Would definitely help temperature-wise though.

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