Vacant house insurance - Texas

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I'm about to purchase a vacant house to rehab in Texas (it's owned by a friend who received it as part of an estate) - any leads on where I can get a vacant house insurance policy. Called a few insurance companies (national) and they don't provide.



@Stephen Camardo  I contacted my agent at State Farm and he was able to get a local insurance company to offer a 'builder's insurance'.  It was going to be $500 / 6 months, it is a 100K property.   Not sure if this helps. Good luck. 

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Keep in mind a traditional Builders Risk policy covers the property, but does not include Liability coverage.  To duplicate the coverage in a traditional landlord policy you will need to purchase both policies. 

Thanks All - interestingly enough- I started with State Farm in the property's community (Port Lavaca Tx) they had a company (forget the name) who writes vacant property.  Went through all the info and they said (at the very end) - oh sorry - we can't do that in Port Lavaca.   Then called Geico - ended up referring me to the same carrier that State Farm did - so I cut that conversation short.

Steve:  let me know what u find out pls as I'm working on a probate deal now and it's frustrating me that the seller doesn't seem concerned about leaving it vacant while she and her sisters decide what to do.  If u get a good lead on an agency it will give me a good reason to poke at her again w the risk and expenses of her indecision.  U didn't mention where your property is but if it's in the Houston area, I'd be happy to be your feet in the ground should u have a need

@Stephen Camardo  

Don't know if they will insure down in Port Lavaca, but you could try Bill Wilkinson Insurance in Richardson, Texas. They are a sponsor at one of the local REIAs here. I have never used them and have no affiliation with them, but I know for sure they provide vacant property insurance. PM me and I can send you their info as I don't think BP will allow me to post a phone number here.


I echo what @William Robison said above.  Go to:

National Real Estate Insurance Group by Affinity Group is an agency that specializes in insurance for investors.  As William mentioned, a lot of us here on BP (including myself) use them and they have a program specifically designed for investors that make it very easy, at the best rates in the industry.

You will first need to purchase Builder's Risk insurance (of which you can have theft added).  During the course of your flip, you will need to increase the value (as the reno progresses).  Once you are done with the flip, you simply switch it over to Vacant Property insurance.  

This company really makes it easy and you can add additional properties very simply within minutes.  Please don't waste your time trying to get information from your regular insurance carrier.  They have no clue!  ..... I speak from experience as I, at one time, wasted major time only to get ridiculous proposals from State Farm, Nationwide and Allstate, as they typically don't understand what we need and don't write these policies themselves and have to look to at a larger underwriter.

(I am in no way affiliated with National Real Estate Insurance Group or Affinity Group other than being a satisfied customer.)