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So I am looking at a lower end property that I will make an offer on possibly Friday and while I am in the waiting process I have had a few questions pop up that I will need to know whether this one works out or not.  So any and all help is greatly appreciated.

I have looked online but wanted some seasoned opinions.

1. Best brick cleaner for soot on the fireplace brick?

2. Best brick cleaner for vegetation on the front of the house brick?

3. How to get spray paint off a wooden fence?

4. I think I want to go with the gray color scheme in the home. So what is a good designer type gray colored paint that is cheap?

5. Flooring, same thing with Tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, a gray color scheme.  So what kind of tile, something cheap of course.  I can't over remodel this neighborhood.

That about covers it!

Hello @Jamie Wooley  . Let me answer your tile question.

The tile you are looking for is not the issue. Tile is labor intensive. Going with a tile that is $3sf vs a $1sf probably won't save that much money unless your talking about installing a significant amount of footage.

As for the type of tile, look for a porcelain tile. I'm sure you can find some tile at your local flooring stores that are in the $1-$2sf no problem. And you can save a few $$ by installing fiberrock vs hardibacker on your floors. Make sure you use hardi on walls or counters!

Good luck!!


Thank you @Gerald David, I will definitely use those tips!

#3 - You'll probably have to paint over it.

Brick can be difficult to clean. Try is website,

it has helped me the past with my rentals.

@Jamie Wooley ,

The best thing for the fireplace and brick is Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). I have never tried it on a fence with paint, but would give it a try on that, as well. Many people use it to prep walls before painting. We love this stuff!

@Julia Blythe

Thanks so much!  Will for sure try that.

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