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Hey everyone, I'm currently running a business as an Estimate and repair contractor on Foreclosed properties in the Northeast Ohio region. I started back in 2010 landscaping and snowplowing as a vendor to various banks and have progressed to where I am now... 

On average we see roughly 5-10 jobs per week ranging from Flood damage repairs, Vandalism repairs, Theft, Waterproofing, Mold removal/treatment, Demolition, Flooring, Windows doors etc. I work side by side with my guys and I wanted to share a few photos of the properties we encounter. Couple things to note, we see the WORST of the WORST, from completely flooded basements, to mold infested homes, to homes with all hvac, electrical, and plumbing stripped, you name it I've probably seen it. Also we are not remodeling these homes we are simply repairing the items the banks need in order to put the home on the market with minimal violations. (usually the bare minimum) I posted this in the rehabbing thread since this business has helped me a TON in learning how to estimate repairs, material costs, how labor intensive certain projects can be, I've built a long list of contractors and tradesmen, I've learned from the people I surround myself with, pulling permits, dealing with city inspectors, budgeting, etc. All of these bits of wisdom help me with choosing my own buy and hold investments here in the greater Cleveland area.

So here's some pics, forgive me for the sporadic random job pics I'm sure there's some way to be more efficient in uploading pics, Ill be sure to add more soon, Hit me with any questions, I'll share what I know! 

@Carrie Giordano Yes I am still active in this business, we've transitioned to rehabbing for an investment group based in California along side, the estimate and repair business.  

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