Insurance for flipping

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@Carol Birnberg are you asking if it can be done or if you should have the flip insured if it's just for 1 month?

1) Yes, you can buy coverage for 30-60 days

2)  Insuring a property is up to each investor, but if there is some financing involved, it will be required.

I'd say 99% of flippers buy coverage for the property no matter what length of time.  You are risking a total loss of your investment, plus more $ to clean up the site, to save $50.

@Ryan Steiner I have my first flip under contract. I got a Builders Risk policy from Snyder & Moore Agency in Exton, PA. My contact person was Kevin Roache. Don't have his contact info at my fingertips but just google the company name. Good luck!

Jason, I have my first property under contract and expect to close at the end of this week. Can you please send the information as well? I have contacted a rep at NREI and they offered me a builders risk policy and what they sent did not include theft. 

I'm looking for property coverage, theft coverage and liability coverage and I thought they offered all three. Maybe I'm asking the wrong questions or not speaking with the righ person.

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