Securing a House During Renovation - Tips?

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Hi I am in the middle of a flip/rehab and wanted some advice for keeping things secure.  I've had tools and several renovations broken into when vacant. Here are a few ideas:

-Put up motion sensor lighting

-Video or Alarms -real or fake? I've seen fake alarm systems which basically are stickers, SIGNS "(This Property is Under Video Surveillance" etc), and even flashing red lights that are battery powered

-battery powered alarms - they have these at harbor freight, you can put on windows and doors- they're powered by magnets --Does anyone have recommendations for better battery powered or simple DIY alarm systems?


-Using trusted 

-Real Video monitoring system --I was thinking of doing this also to see when contractors go in and out of houses.  Are there any that are relatively cheap and easy to set up that you can control with a iphone/ smartphone?

-Talking to neighbors to keep an eye out (This is assuming they are trustworthy)

Anyone else have tips or brands they recommend?

I would mention a dropcam however that would require internet access as well.  It's an awesome solution though.

If replacing the doors I would use a couple of hasp and locks on each door.  Just replace the doors in the end

All good ideas so far. Here is one I was going to do but due to closing and overall costs, didn't:
- Vivint: 3 Year contract paid up front; new owners take over already paid for account. Requires electric/Internet. They install everything wanted at a free or great price. Good selling point! Already connected security system.
- Investors Insurance Policy which includes burglary. Have a room in the house or a garage that requires a key to access from either side of door to access. This is what I decided to do during my Rehabs. I haven't had any issues.
Good luck.


It's been mentioned on other posts, but look into purchasing an alarm system from Simplisafe. It is a portable. Sensors mount with 3m command strips. When you purchase a house, just put the sensors up, plug in the base station and reactive the monitoring. $25/month gives you monitoring (cellular) and allows you to control the alarm from your phone as well as get alerts on your phone. There is no contract, so you can start and stop monitoring service when you chose. You can also purchase more sensors to expand the system if needed. Just be aware, when moving the system from one address to another, make sure to CALL and change the location of the system. Changing the monitoring address online hasn't worked for me.

***FYI, I am in no way affiliated with this company. I am just a satisfied, and repeat, customer***

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