In need of a Do It All General Contractor (KY)

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I have done a couple flips and my experience is that I underestimate the rehab expense.  I am very handy but find myself getting to busy to complete all that needs to be done in the amount of time budgeted.  

With that being said I see the flipping or real estate shows and they all have a general contractor that can quote the entire project.  My question to the group is how do I go about finding one?  I have called but many seem to only do construction?  I live in KY so if anyone has a recommendation Im willing to try them.


I'll second this....

I need a reliable and affordable rehabber for new buy-and-hold purchases, rental make ready, etc.   E.g. painting, light trim work, porch railing repairs, light plumbing, ceramic tile installation, etc. etc. 

I.e. an extremely talented generalist that can do a little bit of everything.  :-)

 - C

Hi Jeff, and welcome to BP! I'm sure there are a number of GC's out there who will give you full job quotes, the fun part is figuring out who's good and how much do they charge? I searched remodelers in or near Crestwood (tend to be retail I'm sure, but a place to start nonetheless) and came up with this list. Also, if you search "crestwood" in the search box to the top right, then click "People" on the left of the resulting page, you'll see nine other members of BP from Crestwood, KY. Perhaps one of them does flips in that area, maybe touch base with them. Lots of people on BP are willing to help, never be afraid to reach out. Welcome to the site, and good luck with your ventures!

@Chuck B.  I notice you have a Pro account, you can actually post a solicitation over in the Marketplace describing what you need as well.

The problem isn't finding the GC it's finding a quality GC at a fair price. In our business it’s all about the budget/time and from my experience in the big city of Louisville (not really) the GC's here can make much more money working with retail clients (home owners) were the budgets aren’t as tight and timelines are flexible. I have found in Louisville that most GC's here go for the big fish (top pay) jobs and stay pretty busy doing those. The mid-level so called GC's are not really GC's but guys that "could" be if they would quit drinking.... I have been doing this over 15 years and have went through many so called GC's and have found that I get my deals done better, faster and cheaper if I kind of GC the projects. This means I usually have a guy that is almost a GC but just doesn’t have it all together and I manage him.

That said I LOVE having a GC that can just take the job and run with it but again most of those guys are busy and don’t understand our business. I have always said if someone in this city wanted to take over and dominate the flip/rental rehab market as a GC they could do so pretty easy as there just isn’t anyone working this niche. Sorry I can’t really help with a GC but I thought I’d throw out my experience in Louisville. Like you guys I am always looking for a GOOD, FAIR PRICED, QUALITY GC! If you find one please share as I will do the same. 

Thank you all for the quick information.  Will let you know what I find.

Hello, I am a realtor and investor here in Louisville and I would recommend Toohey's Contracting.  Eric Toohey is the GC and has worked with a rehabber client of mine, as well as my own personal investment property.  He charges very reasonable fees and has proved to be honest and reliable and his team did quality work.  The number is [REMOVED].  For any electrical work, I would recommend Richardson Electric.  Reasonable fees and quality work.  [REMOVED].  Just let them know you were referred by Mya Neubauer. 

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