Experience in these Philadelphia areas?

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Hi All,

We currently have a lot of experience flipping properties in Central NJ and some parts of PA.  We are looking to expand our efforts into the "up and coming" areas of Philadelphia. Specifically - Kensington, Northern Liberties, South Philly, and Fishtown.

We are less familiar with these areas. Can anyone share any experiences they have had flipping properties in any of these areas?

Much appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!!

Liz Faircloth

@Elizabeth Faircloth  

Last time we were there to do business, met up with @Andresa Lobrace  have the experience to move on larger commercial properties, which I have still seen in rough shape in those neighborhoods.

Kensington & Port Richmond would be my targets for re-investment in the near future.

Thanks so much, Trevor for your insight!  Appreciate it so much!!

@Elizabeth Faircloth  @Matt Faircloth  

All four of the neighborhoods you mentioned are what I would consider investable (I don't think that's a real word by I'll use it anyway). Having said that, if you are focused on fix and flip it's a bit late for N. Liberties and even parts of Fishtown. That doesn't mean there aren't opportunities, there are, but I would not consider N. Liberties up and coming. Fishtown (19125 zip code) still has plenty of up and coming areas, but it's block by block at this point.

Personally, I'm all in on Kensington. Specific areas and blocks in particular. If you'd like to discuss further please feel free to reach out.

I'm not as familiar with S. Philly as I haven't lived or spent much time in that area for the last few years, but to echo what @Trevor Ewen  said, @Andresa Lobrace  is a great person to reach out to and she is very familiar with the S. Philly neighborhoods.

BTW, great podcast, very inspiring!

Thank you so much @Lucus Pfaff for your insight and recommendations.  Appreciate that very much!  Thanks too for your kind words about the podcast! Glad you found it inspiring! Thanks again!

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