Looking for a good handyman or GC in Orlando area

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We're a few weeks in to our first investment property, and not much work has been done (besides the demo we did ourselves).  Id like to find a well rounded GC/handyman that can take care of 90%+ of the work we're looking to have done.  So far, my other leads havent panned out all that well (takes waaay to long to respond, no call/no show, etc).  If anyone knows a good GC/handyman that has fair prices in the Orlando area (Debary), would you mind sharing their contact info?

Where are you right this second? If your answer is anything other than standing at the contractors counter at HomeDepot or Lowes you are in the wrong place and you haven't listened to all the podcasts. More specifically @JayScott  ...??..... Podcast # 3?? I think. 

You will find the more diligent Contractors at Homedepot before 7am, so your late...

My job currently requires long hours that absolutely prohibit me from standing at home depot or lowes at that hour, at least during the week.  

@Jason Prendergast  Hey man I am an investor friendly title company here in Central Florida. Since I work with mostly investors I hear all the good from the bad such as good contractors and bad ones. If you need a good referral let me know. You do need a good GC to help out since you work full time. You need support not criticism from people on BP.

Ryan Kopczyk, we could use a good GC referral for sure as we are just now starting to network.  

Currently, I am rehabbing single family in Sanford area. What I learned from this rehab

- GC will charge at least 40% more and they like to buy everything and control all job

- Handyman - We hired Philip & Jenna Hicks. They are on Angie's list and when they came to the house they give us a good idea. So, we hired him for framing for damage part of the house - interior and exterior, paint, tiles, kitchen cabinets, exhaust fans, baseboards and tiny cosmetic things. He started working on last week of January and promise us to finish in a three weeks. Now after 7 weeks he is not even done.

He missed many days of work! One time his van broke and he did not show up for one and half day. After that, he got some kind of infection (no proof) and he miss 4 days of work. Today, until noon he was not at house since he have to take his son to Dr.'s office. Today, I am going to give him final notice to finish as per contract by 4.00 pm on Sunday other wise leave the job and will pay only the whatever job he finished. 

I had a new AC installed and roof is done in very timely manner without any complain.  

Lesson learned - Never hire one handyman to do all job. I rather hire someone to just do the tile work, other person for painting and 3rd one for carpenter work.

Originally posted by @Jason Prendergast :

Ryan Kopczyk, we could use a good GC referral for sure as we are just now starting to network.  

 On your part, you should have a budget for hiring a GC, since you will not be there to supervise and manage trades. It will cost you, but think of it, at least it is fixed cost! imagine paying for something twice because the first one didnt do it right, if you call him, believe me, he won't show up again. having multi trades is like composing a music, everything needs to work together, if not, the painting guy will blame the baseboard guy that he screwed up his work and you need to pay for touch ups. 

I am going to write very nice(!) review for him on Angie's list for sure. So, now he is saying that he need to pay some bills so he took some small jobs in between. But he don't want to finish my job! I told him that he will be out of the house by Sunday 4 pm.

No house flip is worth 2 months, 3 weeks is more than enough. just saying.

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