Newbie purchasing a property as a non-disclosure

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Hello All

As a newbie in rehabbing...should I stay away from property that states "sold as is" with "no disclosures"? 

It sounds to me that something may be seriously wrong with the property and will be my problem once I purchase it. 

Almost all REO properties are sold without seller's disclosures. Any situation where the seller doesn't have personal knowledge of the property is probably not going to have the disclosure forms. This doesn't mean there is a serious problem. They may or may not be. This simply means you need to do your own inspections. You should do those anyway, either by knowing what you're looking for or hiring folks who do.

By the way "non-disclosure" has a complete different meaning.  That's an agreement between two parties that they are sharing confidential information and neither can disclose that information to a third party.   That term is sometimes used in real estate deals.

@Babe Savage  You can do your due diligence by going to the property and take a look (bringing somebody who knows what faults to look for would be a good idea).

You can also make an offer on the property and have it under contract and then do your due diligence. If you are not happy with the property, you can step out of the contract within the due diligence period (inspection period).

Good luck!

Disclosures don't really matter too much.  Whether or not any were made, it is to the best of interest to work with an inspector/contractor/other professional to perform the necessary due diligence. 

That's true but you want to keep in mind ROI. It depends how much you can invest

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