What installed products do you buy at Home Depot?

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What do you buy at Home Depot?  

Their 72 hour carpet seems to be reasonably priced.

They typically offer installation for $0-100, though they make you buy their pad, which seems to be how they offset the actual cost of installation.  Nevertheless, the prices still seem reasonable.

Look at the quality of the carpet, you want 6lb pad. Shop around after all carpet will be the last thing installed after you have completed all other repairs! As a good base price figure $15.00 for carpet, pad and installation per sq yd. JMO

I was thinking about using them for interior door replacements.  Has anyone used them for doors?

I buy kitchen and laundry appliances from them (or Lowe's), and get the 5 year warranty on rentals so the tenant can deal with them without me.  I use to buy used appliances but found a lot of time was spent dealing with them breaking down.  I also like the idea of switching appliances between houses and having them match when needed (which hasn't happened yet).  I used Home Depot for blinds once, but don't have too much experience with blind alternatives to comment.

I have used Home Depot for a new roof + garage door opener.  They simply hire a contractor.   

I can not recall if it was Lowes or HD but when I told them the refrigerator was going into a rental they dropped the warranty to one year.

I used Home Depot to install windows.  I was completely intimidated by the project, but I watched them do it and it doesn't seem too difficult now.  Haven't tried it myself yet, so I'll let you know after I've dropped and shattered a set of windows....

I especially liked their 18 months, no interest deal to pay for them....

I got HD carpet installed in my house and then a month later had a local flooring company put carpet down in an apartment.  I was definitely NOT impressed with the quality of the carpet or install of the HD folks. The local guys were better quality,  cheaper, and installed it the very next day. The only benefit I've seen for the HD stuff is that I get 12-18 months at 0% interest. 

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