Replace single paine with double paines????

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Hey Guys

I've heard there usually isn't much value in replacing windows but I can do it for a bit less than average...

Would you replace the windows in a flip with an ARV of 300K if you could replace all the windows for about $1500? The house was built in the 70;'s about 1300 square ft and everything else will be updated... worth it? Will I see that return plus some?

Replace or not?

Can't ever discount windows. It's what everyone sees and sees through. Double pane will be a good selling feature and should help during inspection to prevent delays.

As a buyer, it would be a plus for me to have the upgraded windows.

Personally if it was me I would do it. Double pane windows offer reduced outside noise pollution, and are energy-efficient. I know in my area they off tax incentives for energy efficient upgrades, and from what I've read you should receive a good ROI. I came across this website that will show you cost vs. value report for your area. Maybe it will assist you in your decision :)

Double pane windows not only look better but are more energy efficient as well. On a flip at that price range, my guess is that buyers will notice. Personally, I would go ahead and replace them - especially if you can do the whole house for that low of a price. 

I would look at similar flips in the area and see if they are replacing them.  $1500 some reasonable pricing though.

A $300,000 house in Cali sounds like a shack (-;   Obviously new windows are a plus and will make a house sell faster but not sure it will make it sell for more. The benchmarks we use are 1. what else has been done on the street. If all the houses in your street have the old windows I would not upgrade. 2. What has been done in your competition? What other houses are for sale in the neighborhood. Do they have single or double pane windows? 

Good luck. 

I replaced all my single pane windows to double hung windows . My old single pane windows were completely ruined so i approached Landmark home solutions near my home in Toronto for replacing them. They recommended me to install double hung windows as they have some advantages over single hung windows. I went with the doublehung because of how easy it is for tenants to clean them without getting on a ladder.

Mike Jnz

In my part of the country, double pane windows are the standard. Usually filled with argon gas for better energy efficiency. However, you have to make sure that the mfg. is reputable as the quality of windows  has a great range.

I agree to replace windows.  You have to make sure you get decent quality windows and that they have a good installation.  Cheap windows or poor installation will not help value.  A good trim can help a lot.

Definitely. Of course a $300k house around here is considered upper middle class and would require it. 

I do on $300k houses, but it really depends on your market.  Look at the neighborhood and comps.  I skipped them on the last one because every house I could see on the street still had single pane.  Not really sure that you get a $ return on your money, most buyers don't register new windows with higher price, but they do notice.  It is a selling feature, though, and on $300k $1,500 seems pretty worth it.

Mike Jnz

If I don't replace the windows, and they are older, I like to install $4 blinds to cover them up. Most people don't peak behind the blinds. 

On our last flip we did replace all of the windows in the house ( the originals were JUNK) and it did make a very large difference in the client walk through and bidding war that ensued it was something that many clients did comment about.  Replace them especially at that price.

On my last BRRR, I did everything but the windows...and it was painfully obvious that they were the weak spot in the house. The age old, "Update a little bit, and the rest looks old".

We replaced them, and I'm glad we did.  It cured some humidity issues we were having and made the A/C much more effective, quieted down the home tremendously, and we were able to "showcase" them (instead of covering them up), thus adding a ton of light to the home.

My only regret is that we didn't do it at the proper stage.  We'd already painted & trimmed when we forced the decision.  Had some minor re-work.

ETA: Probably not useful in CA, but in FL, code-compliant windows (130MPH or Installed with Hurricane Shutter/Fabric provisions) can pay for themselves in insurance costs within a few years.  Useful for B&H investors.

Windows are such a visible part of the house so I think they definitely need to be done - especially if you're updating "everything else", why wouldn't you do the windows.  $1500 is a ridiculously low cost for a household of windows.

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