best way to rid a house of dog and/or cat smell?

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in addition to removing carpets - any thoughts appreciated.  

Check with pet stores for products. What we have done in the past was to paint the floor with Kiltz Paint two coats then cover with pad and carpet. Of course we had plywood floors. 

Dont know if you can rent an ozone machine or not, but they work wonders.  I bought one on Amazon for $125 or so.  Let's just say that when I first became a believer is when my dog was loose in the neighborhood and when he was jumping into my car it was then that I realized he had just been sprayed by a skunk.  I took my car to a car cleaning place that had an ozone machine and it took care of the horrendous smell.  I bought one for personal use after that to help freshen up my house.  Sometimes it takes a couple of treatments (I try not to run the full length if I don't have to).

I found a product called Vamoose and bought it from Amazom. It was a gallon container and I still have some remaining. My issues were cigarette smoke. Yuk! This product worked for me when other methods just didn't do anything.

Open all windows, and get some fans, just get air from the outside moving in and then have fans on the other side of the unit blowing out.  After you get as much air moving as possible (for a few days) give it a good solid cleaning, even renting professional equipment if available.

If there are still issues then it's time to replace the carpet, paint the walls, etc. 

The same technique works for smoking too.

Thanks! everyone.  Great ideas - much appreciated!  writing them ALL down!

I've replaced the old pine subfloor with new carpet because the dog urine had been soaked into the pine for so long. Took 2 days and cost a few hundred.

Has to be original kilz, oil based.  The best is BIN because it is shellac based, but any oil based primer especially those that say smoke or odors.  The baseboards usually smell too. 

thanks @Marion Smith.  My son paints and uses oil based kilz for a lot of things - I'm not sure about painting the inside of a log cabin but I"m taking all of this into consideration as I do research and talk to experts.  I appreciate your intput!

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