What you didn't know about The Home Depot.

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Let me start the discussion off by just saying, Hi my name is Derek. My current occupation is Pro Account Sales Associate for The Home Depot. My passion is financial education and real estate investing. Im just putting my feelers out to see if the information i can offer people is worth taking my time to put in a discussion. I've noticed a lot of not so accurate information about how the home depot and lowes work. Now i can not speak for lowes, but i can speak about how the home depot can build your business and benefit you in ways you never thought possible. I also just want to put it out there that i do not and will not benefit in anyway monetarily or otherwise as a result. 

So the main purpose of this discussion, Is there a need for this information, a one stop, ACCURATE, thread about the things no one knows about. Please respond with your interest, and if you would like to see a thread of that magnitude. If no responses within a week i won't waste my time any further with this, Replies or private messages are fine. Thank you

I love Home Depot!  I buy tools and lumber at my local Home Depot all the time.  What is a pro account and what are the advantages?

Thanks for coming on here! 

for someone that rehabs 1 house every 3 or 4 months is it beneficial to set up a pro account or whatever it is. I don't want to waste anyone's time and wonder if there is a benefit at that scale.  


Welcome to BP and on your first post !. Feel free to share the knowledge on how Home Depot can help other investors.

I buy all my tools only on Black Friday and only the tools they put on  sale.  When I do buy tools not on sale I go to the manager and ask for a discount and usually get 5% off. When I buy material in large quantity say about $300 I go to the pro desk and ask for  a discount and again I get 5% off. I also use thier credit card and get 5% off. I use thier web site for gathering prices and for estimating projects costs. I usually buy more material than I need and return unused items for refund. I have ordered items from thier web site and picked them up at the store. I order custom color paint and pick them up later when I'm ready. AM I missing anything? Are there better ways and larger discounts? I have to say in a years time I probably spend over $10,000 at the store. Your advice would definitely be appreciated.

I have a Home Depot Pro account and I get 5% off all of my purchases! Every little bit helps when you're controlling your costs.

As someone just starting out, I would love some inside info!

  • I love HD...and I will be following this thread. Have a major rehab coming up soon.

@Derek Patch  Please share!  There are a number of tips about getting discounts and the benefits of working with a Pro Account Sales Associate.  I'm sure even people who think they are doing everything right already, will learn something from this post.  I sure hope I do!!

Jerry Powers I have a pro account as well, but they do not give me 5% off because of that :))) but they give me discounts when I use HD credit card or competitors coupons By the way as a member of a local REI group we have 20% off for all painting in HD and 40% off at Sherwin-Williams paint. What I do not use but should: line of credit for projects :))) buying materials on Black Friday and ask pro desk for additional discounts every time I am looking to make a big purchase

I like the HD because it gives me a good price point on products and helps me estimate my cost. I just recently went to HD to get a price on tile $2.00 sq ft and figure that would be my max price went to small hardware/tile business and managed to get the same style/color for $1.30 sq ft.

When it comes to discounts I use my Military ID and get 10% off.

@Jane A. I'm a be buying paint soon... that's a great discount. I'm a look more into that.

Well if you spend a lot of money.. You can get discounts with a pro account ..  The discount varies based on the product.  I just 30% off all paint.. ( I spend over $100k per year there)   They used to give you 5% with their commecial card and pro account.  Now they give you some stupid credit on Gas..  I guess it's better than nothing...   ALSO as said above if you are Military Use your ID and get a 5%-10% discount. 

@Derek Patch Thank you for lending your ear to us, we all know how valuable ones time is. 

Is there a sweet spot for the HD project loan? I have applied and I have beed denied; but I have had my line of credit increased each time I asked, 50% increments, 3x.

Thank you in advance.

@Derek Patch , to be honest I quit buying at Home Depot awhile back and went to Menards instead.  I only get 2% cash back, but if I watch I usually can get a 10% off everything in store credit sale.  They seem to have a pretty large inventory, and I get all their ads online.  I have to travel about 5 hours round trip to get to either, but I usually spend from $1K to $5K per trip.  I probably average about $15K to $20K or more per year.  Menards seems to have better selection and some of their sales are amazing.  I probably bought 30 GFI outlets and 60 light bulbs on one of their sales.  The GFIs were like $3 each instead of the $8 to $15 locally.  They also have a pro desk that really helps me on orders and they even do some deliveries free if the truck passes through the area.  Some of their tool lines are pretty decent.  I have put about 6 roofs on with a masterforce roofing nailer with not a single problem. I go to Harbor Freight for hand tools and blades.  They are a 1/3 of the price of menards or Home Depot.  I am all about quality, price and convenience.  Show me how Home Depot can deliver that better and I am in.

I'm about to rehab my first house and would greatly appreciate the info 

bear marquee paint is also very good. I am fan of  Benjamin Moore however thecoverage of Behrin marquee is incredible.  One coat on fresh mud and taped drywall. 

I am in home depot Monday thru Friday almost every week. I have a pro membership and would love to know how the depot can support my investing and maintenance efforts. Thank you for sharing!

I just requested and was approved for a substantial credit line increase on my Home Depot card a couple days ago in prep for upcoming rehabs. I am quite interested on HD's hidden benefits.

@Jesse Lucero

Be careful with planning for 10% off with your military ID at Home Depot. A little while back they stopped giving that discount on special buys and sale items. I didn't realize it until I made a very large purchase and it was obvious I wasn't getting the discount I expected. Lowe's still provides the 10% off on the whole purchase so I typically shop there now. 

I like home depot too very much and use it for my rehabs.  I have a credit card and very often get a 10% off coupon mailed to me.  I like to know more about pro account.  Thanks.

i have beef with all of the big box stores from time to time but overall, man I don't know what I would do without these stores.  They are basically a one stop shop.  I don't get everything I need there but I COULD if I needed too. 

Thank you all for the feedback, I've posted another forum with everyones answers and what i know. Look for 

The Home Depot- PRO TIPS From a PASA

I would post the link in this discussion but frankly, i have no idea how. HAHA

If anyone can send the link here in this discussion i would really appreciate it.

a few more tips..

1. If you have a large order.. I think it's over $1,500 or so .. Take it to the pro desk and ask them to send it in for volume pricing.. I think they call if VPP... They scan all the items and then the computer gives you a discount.. Not much but I saved $50 off a $1,500 order today...

2. Also, keep an eye out for lowes coupons.  they send out alot of them (you can also buy them on ebay)  and Home depot will honor them as a competitor coupon



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