Thoughts on existing trim and painting vinyl exterior

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Hey BP flippers. I am currently looking to close on a SFH next week to flip. My question is about trim and siding. My normal houses are so beat up I have to replace everything but this particular house isn't in as bad of shape. Thus I had to pay a little more than normal as well. So the trim is throughout the entire house and is a lighter oak color. Basically something I would never put in but it's in great shape and would help with the price of the flip if I keep it. My question on that is should I paint it and if so what color, replace everything or keep it as is. If I keep it what color cabinets should I go with in the kitchen?

Second question is siding. Again I'd normally replace it but it's in good shape but just plain white. Can or should I paint it? And if so any color ideas?

Appreciate any advice, thanks.

A guy in my neighborhood painted the vinyl siding on his flip. The parts that get direct sunlight bubbled and peeled and it looked horrible. I wouldn't recommend painting the exterior. Try adding color through landscaping. Some people like a white house.

Painting oak can look pretty bad. I was at a remodelers meeting at the Alliant Energy Center a few years back and a kitchen designer told a story of how she is still doing oak kitchens when everyone else in the country is using other woods. Oak in Wisconsin isn't a deal breaker so I would leave the trim as-is.

I think you could find a blonde maple or honey maple cabinet to go in the kitchen that would blend in with the trim. Pry a piece off and take it with you when you go cabinet shopping. I don't think it will be a big deal.

I agree with @Mindy Jensen on her comments on siding and trim, that's very good advice. For the kitchen I would change the trim to make it all match. I see that in more and more high end spec homes where they mix stained trim with painted trim, even on doors one side white. It actually looks a little more custom.

For the cabinet color Maple is great, but you could also do a medium brown, like a cinnamon tone, that works well with oak.  Stay away from espresso and darker browns, because its more masculine and I think most females like the brighter colors better, even white. And we all know who makes the final call on buying a home. I take a lot of style ideas from hotels, as they try to appeal to a broad range of the population.   

Stain the trim, pressure-wash but don't paint vinyl.  It doesn't adhere well, as @Mindy Jensen points out.  If you are getting bad buyer feedback about these items later, address it more then.  Good luck @Shawn West

I've used Benjamin Moore Vinyl paint numerous times for siding with no issues as far as peeling is concerned.  You have to find a speciality store that sells it.  With the trim I would paint white or stain. 

However I see that you have white siding.   I would just clean it and dress it up with shutters and paint the door.   Maybe dark red,  dark green or dark blue.  It will pop once you do that. I personally don't like black on white siding but some do it. 

Thanks for the thoughts Mindy. I think if I change the shutters and enhance the color of other parts of the house and landscaping it may work as your saying. Probably best budget wise to keep the trim as is and just go with something that matches it. 

Thanks for the comments everyone. Helps with my decision on siding and trim I think I'll keep and match the everything to it. I'll have to let BP know how it goes. Thanks again

Sherwin-Williams sells a vinyl siding formula for some (not all) of their colors. It allows you to paint lighter colored siding a darker color, which is not possible with most other vinyl paints. I believe they guarantee it, as well. I've done it on several houses and it worked well (both were white siding that I painted a darker, grayish color).

@Shawn West    I can't see the light oak trim helping the flip price.  I believe it would hurt it.  I'd spray it (no brushes) or rip it out and redo it with new MDF trim pre primed.   Might be cheaper to rip out and reinstall depending on condition.   Also bad idea on the light woods and light maple cabinets for the kitchen that style is out since like 2003.  Go white or expresso shaker.  Light granite or Quartz counter.  

Regarding the Vinyl - Shutters and a New Front door.  Flower boxes and landscaping will also help.  Too expensive to pull the vinyl if it's in good shape.  I'd never paint it.  

Thanks John, all good thoughts. As far as the counters the market I'm in doesn't at all call for that high end of material. It's more of a high resolution laminate. House is in a good neighborhood but a very low income city. House will be selling finished at around $105k. Bought for $40k. I think Mindy had it right in WI. While white trim and/or gray tones are very popular I think the oak look will work decent for WI and especially my market. Thank you very much though for your thoughts.