What online tools or apps do you use to estimate rehab costs?

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When you walk through a property to estimate rehab costs, what online tools or apps do you use?

If none of the tools out there fit your needs, what features would your ideal app have?

I use an app called Handyman Calculator it has a list of calculators you can use to help figure things out like Carpet Calculator, Deck Calculator, Drywall Calculator, Insulation Calculator, Laminate Flooring Calculator, Paint Calculator, Roof Calculator, Siding Calculator, Spray Foam Calculator, Stairs Calculator, Tile calculator, Wall Framing Calculator, Wall paper Calculator, \

Then I use Home Depot for pricing. As far as the trades go I would talk to a builder and get Square Foot Labor costs averages for the local tradesmen.

I have a spreadsheet I use based on @J Scott book.  Has every room broken down and builds a materials list and SOW as we go through the home.  I use Lowes so it has the Item #'s and pricing from Lowes and builds my budget at the same time.  If you are looking for feedback on building an app I would love to work with someone and offer suggestions.

I currently keep it updated manually just because I haven't taken the time to try to scrap Lowe's site. It isn't to big a deal to keep up with but I am sure there are easier ways.  I also only have the most common finishes etc that I provide to my contractor but that's still a list of over a hundred products.