To what extent should you care about details of your rehab rentals?

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Hi everyone! We're rehabbing a house that we plan to rent out later. My husband spent a ton of time to decide whether he should buy a white ceiling fan or a black ceiling fan... and among the white ones, which to get. He literally went to homedepot twice, and examined these two pages for 1 hour. Can everybody tell me whether you ever invest any time to figure out pattern or model of a ceiling fan? Does this really worth it??? In my opinion, if a fan functions, then check.  If anyone can share any success/failures on attention to details, that would be really great.  Thank you!

I guess if you had an hour to kill, then go ahead and take time on deciding what type of fan to put inside the rental. It sounds like something I would do. 

I think the ideal thing to do is to find a good sturdy fan that fits inside and not the cheapest fan but also not too expensive either but a decent sturdy fan. Maybe ask an employee which one would fit that for you and move on to the next item. And do the the same with the next item and next. Make the place a little better than other options and you will be good to go. That is just my opinion though. Happy shopping! 

@Emily Allen  Whenever I replace something for a rental it is usually the second best item.  For instance, i wouldn't get the cheapest fan, but i would get the second cheapest one that looked good.  I look for the item that looks just good enough without costing much more.  You don't want to buy junk either.  Your tenants will probably not take care of your upgrades so don't spend more than you can afford to replace!

In my first couple buy and hold rehabs, I took great care to design the finishes. It was new, exciting, and a challenge. I recognize that I simply enjoy that design part of the business, so I do still pick specific ceiling fan designs if time allows. In reality, though, it's easier and equally expressive to say: "Let's do the kitchen like we did on X St and we'll do the front porch like we did on Y Ave." It's really just a time thing. If you (or your husband) enjoys the design part and you've got time to do it, let yourself enjoy what you enjoy.

It may not be possible in your case but if you have a follow on rental, you might prequalify one and ask them what is important. not everyone has the same taste or opinion as you, so if you dont have a speccific person you will rent to - you will have a specific segment - and if you do the research you might find out what there top to haves are. And no dont do pink tiles becasue that is what one person wants for their 7 year old daughter - that is too limiting.

genrally people want clean and comfort and ease - so if one item is not going to look clean with usual wear get one that will (usually black shows the dirt, as does stainless) - an as has been said, the inexpensive touch ups like nice hardware, a better countertop finish that wears well are the things you will want - think back to your life as a renter to help.

I think in the beginning people spend more time. You need to know your market and for want of a better word develop a philosophy for your purchase.

For some people it is cheap they are going to destroy it. For some it is like it is there own house (and maybe in high end rentals that is a good idea).  For us as DIY jobs it is easy to install, durable, and easily available (so you can use the same one and you can replace parts).  For big purchases like furnaces or washers I spend more time- less breakage means less of my time.  For fans - less time.  For cosmetic choices only if I find it fun then I might spend more time.  Maybe he just likes the shopping...

As for successes and failures. Flooring we have gone too cheap for a difficult install with the interlocking stuff. Some stuff just doesn't interlock as well and you spend too much time on the install.  I have had my husband get annoyed about the install on a couple of items like fans and microwaves before I learned. did you know those microwaves have to have something to bolt into on the top...and they don't make cabinets 8 inches tall....

If your husband wants to spend some extra time on the details of a fan there seems to be nothing wrong with that.  

When you have a partner in a bussiness one of the partners will have more interest and more talent in certain areas and more or less always handle that part.  If your husband has an interest in certain details  and you have more interest in the bussiness end it sounds like that's what makes a  partnership work.   

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