The Worst Fixer Ever - PHOTO CONTEST

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Hello all. I was looking around the net at some photos, and I came up with an idea.
The Worst Fixer Ever - Photo Contest[/size]

Let's see what the "worst" fixer out there looks like! If you have any photos of a property that is in just Hellish condition, let's see it! I was just thinking about that building I saw with all the mold everywhere. I wish I had pics of that to show you all!

Post your photos to this thread! Here we go.........

Okay - I didn't actually see this one up font and personal, but I thought I'd kick the contest off. YIKES! :badwords:

BiggerPo - is this what that moldy building looked like? Worse?

Anyway, I can't wait to see what you guys have seen.

What is this kid's day? You've got to do better then that! :boring:

Actually, that is a great picture, but it doesn't come close to what I saw. I'm telling you, there was mold on the lights, on the doorknobs, on the floor, EVERYWHERE! It was the sickest thing I ever saw. Imagine the roof with twice as much mold.....then spread that around on every inch of the interior. It was indeed a very scary day.

Amy - Kudos on the photo. You have brought back memories I hoped would disappear forever. I'd love to see some other photos. Good start, though!

I wish I had some pictures of a house I looked at buying a few years ago. The story goes as follows....

3/1, small house. A woman lived there and then got addicted to crack. By the time she was foreclosed on they found 25-30 cats in the house, and no litter box. The basement had 3-4 inches of cat crap SOLID. The guy I was with almost slipped and fell in it! By far the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

BlueStar -
that might be the most disgusting thing I've heard. I was eating a sandwich while reading your post, and had to put it down. GROSS :shake: