The Worst Fixer Ever - PHOTO CONTEST

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Hello all. I was looking around the net at some photos, and I came up with an idea.
The Worst Fixer Ever - Photo Contest[/size]

Let's see what the "worst" fixer out there looks like! If you have any photos of a property that is in just Hellish condition, let's see it! I was just thinking about that building I saw with all the mold everywhere. I wish I had pics of that to show you all!

Post your photos to this thread! Here we go.........

Okay - I didn't actually see this one up font and personal, but I thought I'd kick the contest off. YIKES! :badwords:

BiggerPo - is this what that moldy building looked like? Worse?

Anyway, I can't wait to see what you guys have seen.

Holy crap! Now that is scary. I'm not sure I'd have the stomach to handle something like that. wow.

Nice one amy! Looks like a high-school experiment gone bad.

What is this kid's day? You've got to do better then that! :boring:

Actually, that is a great picture, but it doesn't come close to what I saw. I'm telling you, there was mold on the lights, on the doorknobs, on the floor, EVERYWHERE! It was the sickest thing I ever saw. Imagine the roof with twice as much mold.....then spread that around on every inch of the interior. It was indeed a very scary day.

Amy - Kudos on the photo. You have brought back memories I hoped would disappear forever. I'd love to see some other photos. Good start, though!

Is it typical to find property looking like this. I'm assuming this is an extreme example, but I wonder how bad can it really be. I'd really like to see some more photos.

How can anyone compete with that. Biggerpo should declare you the winner and start a new contest. I know you just found this picture, but it is just a scary vision.

This post has been removed.

It is like some sick work of art. Not pleasant. Not pleasant at all. :goofy:

I wish I had some pictures of a house I looked at buying a few years ago. The story goes as follows....

3/1, small house. A woman lived there and then got addicted to crack. By the time she was foreclosed on they found 25-30 cats in the house, and no litter box. The basement had 3-4 inches of cat crap SOLID. The guy I was with almost slipped and fell in it! By far the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

BlueStar -
that might be the most disgusting thing I've heard. I was eating a sandwich while reading your post, and had to put it down. GROSS :shake:

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