Contractors and handyman in Charlotte NC

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Do you have recommendation for the general contractor and handyman in Charlotte NC area?

We have two rental properties in NODA area need some work. My husband was doing most of the rehab work himself.  So we don't really know where to find good GA and handy man ensures quality as well as reasonable price.

We need yard work, landscaping, exterior wall, interior painting, refinish doors, refinish kitchen cabinets, everything!

Thanks ahead!

Jinyu, I was a contractor prior to my current role as a broker and still do that kind of stuff on the side. You can email me  with specifics. 

Hey Jinyu,

I would be very interested in talking with you about the work needing done in with your NODA properties. I have done many projects of my own and also have many rentals. I have a small contractor company here in Charlotte and we have done many projects for consumers and investors here in the local area. Also work with many property management companies in the area and we have worked on many of properties they manage. We also ensure quality and are reasonably priced. My number is (304) 578-4605 Give me a call anytime or message me on here. Looking forward to talking with you. 


Josh Moore