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I cant get rid of the smell in one of my flips.  It was full of dog feces and urine, mouse feces and urine, and fly feces .  There are little brown spots of fly poop on everything from the walls to light fixtures to window frames and everything in between.  There is mouse crap in the walls and several of the baseboards were soaked in dog urine (can you say animal abuse).  I took off the bathroom ceiling fan vent and it was full of mouse crap and soaked with urine so they were living in the ceilings too.  It looks like it was a breeding house for flies since that crap is everywhere and there had to be hundreds of mice.  Anyhoo, I have kilzed the entire house twice (with shellac based B-I-N primer and run an ozone generator for a few days (although it is not a big one),  removed baseboard and some drywall, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, used a commercial product that is used for crime scenes, and the smell is as bad as ever.  Getting worried.  I really don't want to tear out sub floor and the downstairs is concrete anyway.  The smell just seems to be saturating the air and is not eminating from any one specific place.  Help!

There is a difference between a professional ozone shock treatment and a small undersized ozone machine. I think ozone will be your best treatment, however you may need to hire someone that has commercial grade ozone equipment.

If I were to do it over again I would ozone, spray probiotic cleaners and let sit for several days. Deep clean, ozone, probiotic spray and then ozone again. You need to get the odor out before the rehab or you just lock it and there's no way to get behind.

Where is the main odor coming from? I may be able to give you some more options. 

Look at SCOE10x.com as well.

@Scott Lepore , Stop! You're making me hungry! 

Seriously, @Brian Burke wrote up his account of The Cat Litter House awhile back. It is a long post, but so worth the read. Just don't read it during dinner.

He had lots of odor issues, including deceased animals. He was able to successfully remove all traces and made a ridiculous profit at the end, so it does have a happy ending. Lots of great tips for removing odors, but I think he had to take most of the house down to the studs. I believe he replaced subfloor, too. Sometimes, that is the only fix.

Thanks for all the input everyone.  Mindy, that was indeed an entertaining and informative post by Brian Burke. 

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