Buying Land to Build

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I was looking at the Los Angeles county accessor web site of some land that recently sold for $5,000 to $7,000.. how do i find land to buy so I can build house on it.. is there a MLS for buying land from the city?

Hi @Susan Capeta

I'd be a bit skeptical about the feasibility of land purchased so cheap for many different reasons.

The City of LA does hold an auction for surplus properties from time to time. You can get the auction details here:

There's also the annual Tax Default Properties Auction, but you just missed it. Here are the details:

You might be able to find privately owned land that is build-able on the MLS, but I've heard folks have better luck by tracking down the owner of a lot they like and trying to work out a deal offline.

Networking can be a great option. I connected with a land developer in Northern. Calirornia who comes across land lots we are now reviewing for possible build and sell.