Front door color - help me choose!

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Hello fellow BP'ers. It's time for me to paint the front door of my latest flip. I received a great idea on a paint color via a BP thread last year for another door (another house) and so I thought it would be fun to ask again.  

What color should I paint the front door?

Note: there will be black shutters added to the windows.

leading contender(s): robin's egg blue 

@Doug W.

I love black trim/shutters/doors myself, but I avoid it if the house is south-facing as it will absorb heat and transfer it into the house. It adds to the cooling load and also can peel paint, especially on a metal door. My thoughts on doors is that they should be painted/framed in such a way as to draw the eye and make the entrance the most important and welcoming feature from the street. I like the following to avoid busy-ness:

1. Really do-up the door/entrance, with some outlining of complementary colours on frames. Even adding an extra surround around the existing frame can be worth it. Think eye make-up: nothing garish, but something to enlarge its appearance.

2. Make windows more subtle, to unify the look but not detract from the door.

3. Make garage door stand down and blend it into house walls.

I just googled "Painted exterior door frames" and there are tons of images. Just my thoughts! Good luck Doug.

Any plans for the garage door? Leaving it white or paint to match the front door.

Only reason I ask is that I seen a few homes recently with the garage door matched to front door and I felt it tied in well. As for color...I'm no designer....that is my wifes department, but I like some of the ideas already mentioned

I see a red door and I want it painted black, no color anymore I want them to turn black ...

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Ehh.. I'd go with a cool navy blue, or a forest green. 

I generally like red front doors, but not so much with the house's warm orange-y brick color.